kde in English

noun KDE (K Desktop Environment)

easy to use free computer desktop environment that runs on Linux and Unix

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1. KDE Time Zone Daemon

2. KDE Background Screenshot Utility

3. KDE Certificate Request-Password

4. KDE Interactive Geometry

5. Enables KDE Icons

6. x of KDE.

7. KDE free disk space utility

8. The KDE Session Manager

9. Alternatively you can run the command "kde-config --prefix" to get your KDE directory.

10. This package is part of KDE, as a component of the KDE administration module.

11. A KDE text-editor component could not be found; please check your KDE installation

12. A KDE Moon phase applet

13. KDE Screen Saver Control Module

14. KDE splash screen theme manager

15. Enables random KDE Icons explosions

16. tar-based DAT archiver for KDE

17. Ported KNotes to KDE

18. KDE 's application finder

19. KDE Taskbar Control Module

20. KDE Screen Grabbing Utility

21. The KDE Homepage. KDE is the most advanced and absolutely free desktop environment for unix-like operating systems. & koffice; makes use of the & kde; libraries

22. A Visual Guide to KDE

23. KDE Bug Database Fulltext Search

24. A printer tool for KDE

25. KDE Periodic Table of Elements

26. KDE cut & paste history utility

27. An advanced download manager for KDE

28. Compiled in prefix for KDE libraries

29. Use the & KDE sound system

30. Mathematical function plotter for KDE

31. Apply colors to & non-KDE# applications

32. The KDE Infrared Remote Control Server

33. Compiled in exec_prefix for KDE libraries

34. a KDE program to learn the alphabet

35. KDE has requested access to the open wallet ' %# '

36. Open KDE 's IceWM theme folder

37. Docks the mixer into the KDE system tray

38. Screen magnifier for the K Desktop Environment (KDE

39. KDE Daemon-triggers Sycoca database updates when needed

40. This error is very much dependent on the KDE program. The additional information should give you more information than is available to the KDE input/output architecture

41. Drag sensors from the KDE System Guard into this cell

42. SSL support is not available in this build of KDE

43. This plugin uses the KDE TTS Daemon for speech output.

44. KABC-Client is a command line interface to KDE address books.

45. This datasource type lets you use your KDE Address Book entries

46. 13 This plugin uses the KDE TTS Daemon for speech output.

47. Animated image or screen that displays while & kde; loads after logging in

48. The application finder looks for non-KDE applications on your system and adds them to the KDE menu system. Click 'Scan ' to begin, select the desired applications and then click 'Apply '

49. Multiple Monitors This module allows you to configure KDE support for multiple monitors

50. KDE tool for querying and controlling your network interfaces from the command line