library in English

a building or room containing collections of books, periodicals, and sometimes films and recorded music for people to read, borrow, or refer to.
a school library
    program librarysubroutine library

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1. There are three stages of library automation:data processing , library networking and digital library.

2. Digital library develops and surpasses the current library system and represents the future of library automation.

3. At present, the main form of library is hybrid library[ ], which is organic integrated by the original library and the digital library.

4. Hybrid library is a transitional phase of digital library.

5. American library.

6. This library would be an example of a " virtual library. "

7. The hybrid Library achieves the coexistence and complement of the traditional library and the digital library.

8. Library device, accessor, and positioning method in library device

9. The library was modelled after the library of Congress of Washington.

10. Th- The library

11. Parallel library function, the parallel port control library must be used.

12. The Free Pascal Runtime Library, abbreviated RTL, is Free Pascal's runtime library.

13. EIN Library Union Catalog is the largest theological library catalog in Hong Kong.

14. Object Module Library Update?

15. The author thinks that the research and development of digital library should be integrated with the development of traditional library, and hybrid library will be a basic form of future library.

16. There's a mini-library in each classroom, as well as the central library.

17. From the point of view of library administration the guided tour type of library orientation makes heavy demands on library staff time.

18. The Matrix Template Library (MTL) is a linear algebra library for C++ programs.

19. Click the arrow below the Library tab, and then click Add to Library.

20. As a library member your membership card entitled you to library services only.

21. The virtual library is the product of the modernization construction of the library.

22. 30 The library was modelled after the library of Congress of Washington.

23. Don't deface library books.

24. Querying type library information.

25. With the library staff and the library board, we settled on two core positions.

26. The central library, opened in 1979, was modelled on the Anglo-American public library.

27. The Library of Congress contains one of the largest library collections in the world.

28. Oxford has almost unparalleled library facilities in the Bodleian, which is a copyright library.

29. The MMDS is mainly composed by resource library, module library and model development environment.

30. To find your Library, go to the menu on the side and select Library.

31. The Vatican Library is a research library for history, law, philosophy, science and theology.

32. The Penang State Library operates a branch and a children's library within the district.

33. The service provides no library, the Library key is missing in the. desktop file

34. The active and empowered library user is a significant component of Library 2.0.

35. Centralized Circulation: One - stop service of borrowing, lending library materials and application of library cards.

36. The Wichita State University Ablah Library became a Patent and Trademark Depository Library in 1991.

37. Simon: Here's my library card.

38. Here is my library card.

39. She issued them library cards.

40. The library books are overdue.

41. Alas, the library became outmoded.

42. The authors also analyze the role of the commercial library management system software and library web sites in the digital management system of the hybrid library.

43. The library catalog is a database that identifies where items are located in the library.

44. A library catalog is a searchable collection of records of every item in a library.

45. The service '%# ' provides no library or the Library key is missing in the. desktop file

46. The work of library requires the library catalogue workers to take the readers in mind.

47. Its main library, the Dag Hammarskjold Library, is at its HQ in New York.

48. The National First Lady Library.

49. Each school has its library.

50. Error creating library luminance texture.