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eighborhood in upstate New York (USA) that to be evacuated in 1977 due to severe underground chemical pollutio

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1. After years of struggle, 833 families were eventually evacuated, and cleanup of Love Canal began.

2. Calcified root canal occurs often during root canal therapy.



5. Auditory canal

6. The semicircular canals are named the superior canal, the horizontal (lateral) canal, and the inferior (posterior) canal.

7. Until 19 America owned the canal zone and ran the canal.

8. Canal or railroad

9. Layout forms of irrigation canal system can be generally classified as three categories: series-wound canal system, equivalent shunt-wound canal system and nonequivalent shunt-wound canal system.

10. The Thai names of the tambon simply mean Canal One to Canal Seven.

11. Results 2 lesions located in sacral vertebral canal and 1 in lumbar vertebral canal.

12. Contents of the alimentary canal

13. Chambly Canal National Historic Site of Canada, Chambly, Quebec Operational canal; nine locks, swing bridges

14. 2 The Kashi River canal headwork was built on the basis of the Lingong Canal.

15. Ejaculation canal is the continuance after abdomen of seminiferous duct crock and spermatic canal are confluent .

16. This canal , which lies in a desert area in northeastern Egypt, is called the Suez Canal.

17. Calf love, half love ; old love, cold love.

18. * acute infection in the ear canal;

19. The footpath runs along the canal.

20. They took soundings along the canal.

21. Lengthened anteroposterior diameter of spinal canal.

22. It's soothing for your ear canal.

23. The alimentary canal is not functional.

24. The canal is open to shipping.

25. Why is atrioventricular canal a concern?