love-fifteen|love fifteen in English

zero to fifteen (Tennis)

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1. 26) I must have been about fifteen when I received my first love letter.

2. Fifteen.

3.] about fifteen.

4. It's fifteen thirty hours.

5. Subtract three from fifteen.

6. Eight puppies. Eleven. Eleven puppies! Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen. Fifteen puppies! Pongo, boy! Fourteen.

7. He is fifteen years.

8. Fifteen broadcasts this afternoon.

9. Virtual desktop fifteen is selected

10. Operating at fifteen percent capacity.

11. Eight plus seven equals fifteen.

12. Saladin had less, by fifteen.

13. 17 It's fifteen thirty hours.

14. Fifteen minutes, plus or minus.

15. This one is fifteen baht.

16. 5 Three fives are fifteen.

17. The car cost him fifteen grand.

18. She sauntered in fifteen minutes late.

19. Fifteen thousand bird watchers visit annually.

20. They met when she was fifteen .

21. until I was at least fifteen.

22. We waited a good fifteen minutes.

23. There were fifteen of us present.

24. Manson spent fifteen years in prison.

25. Fifteen scientists were massed against the proposal.