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principal portion, chief sectio

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "main part" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "main part", or refer to the context using the word "main part" in the English Dictionary.

1. Two main part: the explorator and juke box part.

2. Moses’ discourses make up the main part of Deuteronomy

3. The thesis consists of foreword, main part and conclusion.

4. This is a main part of the international communist movement.

5. Herbage communities were the main part of the natural vegetation.

6. They had some dreadful old ham in the main part.

7. Non-shaped matrix become the main part of the osteoid.

8. The main part of his design is a four-sided pyramid.

9. His main part is the ghost, but he doubles as Fortinbras.

10. 4) They had some dreadful old ham in the main part.

11. The foreword generally describes Jameson's academic career and then draws main part. "

12. After that, let's analyze the Groupie, the main part of this movie.

13. Progressivity analysis in a main part of equity research in health area.

14. SLURRY SEPARATOR Diamond sand separator is main part for granite gang saw.

15. The main part of the army moved to Sevastopol to besiege the town.

16. Staff withdrew from the main part of the prison but secured the perimeter.

17. It illuminates that the main part which cutoff region is high - frequency ponderance.

18. In the economic organization, financial management is a main part of enterprise management.

19. It illuminates that the main part which transit cutoff region is high-frequency ponderance .

20. For the main part of the Nagumo Force, however, Combined Fleet had other ideas.

21. However, the main part of the MIT policy is not addressed by the Guide.

22. Civil and political rights form the original and main part of international human rights.

23. The flight test monitor and command system is main part of flight test engineering.

24. The main part of the hospital is pretty dismal but the children's ward is really lively.

25. Fibrin is the main part of thrombus, many thrombolytics effection is dissolve the fibrin in blood.

26. Figure 1 shows the extrusion blowing line production processes and the main part of the line.

27. The groundwater systems are the main part of the fluid systems and they include petroliferous systems.

28. In the main part, he used ode's expatiation, and even deepened it step by step immanently.

29. In addition, it is generally accepted that ground substance cells is the main part of GCT.

30. The credit card business has been the main part of personal business of Chinese savings banks.

31. He was on another one of his ego trips, directing and taking the main part in a film.

32. 24 He was on another one of his ego trips, directing and taking the main part in a film.

33. The essential source of the Naxi Dongba written language was the Ruoke writing whose main part was an ideograph.

34. The pursuing of justice, harmony and order in the "real world" constitutes the main part of his "eidos world".

35. In the main part of this paper, the paper discusses one important part of Configuration Software-Command Language System.

36. Most of these studios have beautiful sea views, and are situated in the main part of the Manor house.

37. The Fenghuangshan pluton, which consists of granodiorite and quartz monzodiorite, is the main part of the Fenghuangshan ore field.

38. The inspection and repair methods of trouble diagnosis, main part for the cruise control system of Chrysler minivan are introduced.

39. The first essential characteristic of the rhetorical device-pun, is that the main part of its meaning lies in equivocality .

40. The annexe need not have been roofed, although there was access to it from the main part of the building.

41. A meter-used drying air control system in a power plant has been designed, which uses PC as its main part.

42. The management system set up in the article include two main part, that is procedure control system and environmental control system.

43. The main part of it is the blue part, polycation, and it's basically very sticky to every tissue in your body.

44. The main part of volume three is taken up by a massive review following on from the symbiont chapter in volume two.

45. Considering current applications in CIMS, relational multidatabase system which has unique global schema is taken as the main part of global information system.

46. If you live in a home with adjoining garage, do not overlook the door between it and the main part of the house.

47. Grainstones are the main part of the section, among which the oolites, intraclast limestones and most bioclast limestones are cemented by sparry calcite.

48. Called the Isthmus of Corinth, it links the Peloponnesian peninsula in the south to the main part of the country to the north.

49. And the main part of total phosphorus is resolvable total phosphorus which accounted for 90% of total phosphorus and thereinto 8% was resolvable orthophosphate.

50. The main part of this collection was sold in 1828 by the collector to the Netherlands government and was deposited in the University of Leyden.