make a splash in English

attract attention, spellbind

Use "make a splash" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "make a splash" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "make a splash", or refer to the context using the word "make a splash" in the English Dictionary.

1. Now get out there and make a splash!

2. Tom Cruise loves make a splash in Windy City.

3. You could always make a splash at your local pool.

4. Parents still like to make a splash for a daughter's wedding.

5. But is that enough to make a splash in this competitive segment?

6. I don't blame the young guys for trying to make a splash.

7. The Water Cube is set to make a splash for the 2008 Olympics.

8. He has been holding back on advertising spending and is ready to make a splash.

9. He was going to make a splash the nature of which was still to be determined.

10. To make a splash in this town it takes a revolutionary concept or a multimillion-dollar decor.

11. After an already stellar career in the water, Michael Phelps still hopes to make a splash at the Beijing Olympics.

12. And if Benchley denied it, as he always did, Mr Mundus was still determined to make a splash of his own.

13. So developers are increasingly coming up with various strategies to make a splash, employing everything from temporary discounts to guerilla marketing tactics.

14. Sony has already begun to debut the Move in small demos, but they plan to make a splash at this year's E

15. Raines's ecommerce site will go live in early January, well ahead of March's Boston Seafood Show, where he hopes to make a splash with potential customers.

16. If, however, you are unsure which style of swimsuit to choose, let 21st Century help you make the right choice to make a splash this summer.

17. Similarly, while supervised, show your baby what sinks and floats in a bucket of water and get your baby to throw toys in to make a splash.

18. Raising the issue when it did seemed more designed to make a splash and change the subject at the G20 away from anything that might embarrass China.

19. It did not make a splash in the scientific world until after the end of the first world war and then it made a very big splash.

20. Advertising and marketing campaigns are only one part of the success equation, to really make a splash in the business world you need to build a solid network.