make a u turn|make a u turn in English

make a 180-degree turn (in a vehicle)

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1. It is illegal to do/make a U-turn on a motorway.

2. Do a u-turn

3. In season 21, a "Blind Double U-Turn" was included, incorporating the rules of a Blind U-Turn and a Double U-Turn.

4. Rather, in a very pleasant voice, it says, “Recalculating route—when possible, make a legal U-turn.”

5. A U-turn in Moscow is even more illegal than a left turn.

6. If that happens, some economists believe Mr Greenspan could make a u-turn on taxes early next year.

7. He made a quick U-turn and sped away.

8. I did a U-turn and headed back home.

9. The government has made a spectacular U-turn on taxes.

10. Somebody better mek a U-turn before de fire start burn.

11. She made a U-turn and drove away, her son still crying.

12. Mitterrand made a decisive U-turn in 1983 and cut government spending.

13. I made a quick U-turn in hopes of getting home sooner.

14. The car made a U-turn and headed back at high speeds.

15. The plans represent a virtual U - turn from the current system for banks.

16. He picked out something from the shelves and made a clattering U-turn.

17. Should she do a U-turn and sell him the house? she wondered.

18. I started my car and did a U-turn, pulling up next to him.

19. Mr Clarke said he assumed it had done a U-turn across the central reservation.

20. Make a left / right turn into West street.

21. In half a mile, make a sharp right turn.

22. The road soon snakes to the east, giving the impression of a gigantic U-turn.

23. But the decision would be seen by Labour as another U-turn.

24. Wyatt calls Pad Man. As the limo makes a u-turn, the team realizes it's a trap.

25. The Prime Minister did/made a quick U-turn in response to all the adverse publicity.