malformed in English

(of a person or part of the body) abnormally formed; misshapen.
her ribs are malformed

Use "malformed" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "malformed" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "malformed", or refer to the context using the word "malformed" in the English Dictionary.

1. The URL %# is malformed

2. Malformed XML data

3. Internal compiler error: code generator received malformed input.

4. The default is to not display malformed answers.

5. Mutant fruit flies, though malformed, are still fruit flies

6. The number of packets containing malformed data received.

7. Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request.

8. More rarely, the tubes have been malformed from birth.

9. Bad or malformed serialization info for the message object.

10. This is likely caused by a malformed conditional statement.

11. Was it malformed, or merely hypothermic, the last to hatch?

12. The disease rubella can cause pregnant women to have malformed babies.

13. Many animals died during these experiments, including ones malformed at birth.

14. Norman Spencer Chaplin was born malformed and died three days later.

15. The runtime ignores entire configuration file if it contains malformed XML.

16. 3 The disease rubella can cause pregnant women to have malformed babies.

17. In adults , too little vitamin D can lead to malformed bones and osteoporosis .

18. The average number of packets containing malformed data received per second.

19. The ELF loader is vulnerable to denial of service through malformed binaries.

20. Miscarriages procured in this way often led to death or malformed births.

21. Some of the feed issues may be syntax related (for example, malformed XML).

22. Conclusion. There were morphologic variations of the posterior components of malformed vertebrae.

23. Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. That's all we know.

24. Technicians can identify only obvious problems, such as malformed sperm heads or tails.

25. It was discovered that malformed DNS requests can trigger memory leaks, allowing denial of service.

26. The proxy must be in a position to filter dangerous URLs and malformed commands.

27. Drakowen stood above the fallen Ardan , an evil smirch across his now malformed face.

28. Scientists have discovered the primary mechanism by which thalidomide causes malformed limbs in developing embryos.

29. If the heart be malformed, the condition may be ascertained by the X - ray examination.

30. The malformed prion proteins can be deposited in the brain, thereby destroying brain tissue.

31. The deformities include missing or truncated legs, misshapen legs, extra legs, and missing or malformed eyes.

32. One severely malformed boy climbs out of bed and crawls across the floor, crab-like.

33. It's possible to completely remove the malformed vessels and reduce the scathe of nervous system after operation .

34. Huntington's disease occurs when clumps of a malformed protein called huntingtin build up the brain cells of patients.

35. Although television and newspaper reports about malformed children abound, it is reassuring to appreciate that abnormalities are relatively rare.

36. Scientists have found selenium in fish and ducks in the Bay and have linked it to malformed birds.

37. Symptoms of B deficiency in E. globulus were rolled and malformed leaves, stem dieback, and a prostrate form.

38. The girls were wearing them along with fat clunky shoes that looked like malformed elevator shoes from the seventies.

39. Her love to Beloved was deep , with some guiltiness , but it was also a malformed love , which made her become to degenerate .

40. Objective To study endocrine disruptor chemicals causing malformed frogs in an irrigation canal in T city and a pool in CH city.

41. Nurses and physicians can help parents become attached to their malformed infant in the neonatal period and as the child grows.

42. When exposed to high levels of phthalates during critical developmental periods, male fetuses can have malformed reproductive organs, including undescended testicles.

43. A rare case of an erupted compound odontoma associated with a malformed and dilacerated maxillary left lateral incisor is reported.

44. The malformed blood vessels of one side of the brain essentially put both sides of the brain out of commission.

45. Some parents feel reluctant to see their malformed babies at first and express a need to temper the intensity of the experience.

46. When a malformed argument is appended to a link, an error page will be generated which contains the absolute pathname of the script.

47. The paper puts forward the concept of normal angle of winding bend for describing the degree of distortion and deformation of malformed winding bend.

48. Due to a pact forged by his father with 48 sealed demons, the un-named baby was born malformed, limbless and without facial features or internal organs.

49. The former method may collect complete toe print and phalange print; the latter method was convenient to collect dermatoglyphics of primate and malformed patient of hand and foot.

50. In order to ensure the ingress to be benign, the gateway audit system deals with the malformed packets and eliminates the fragment semantic ambiguity of the fragments.