malfunction in English

a failure to function in a normal or satisfactory manner.
I've got a couple of equipment malfunctions which I'm struggling with.
(of a piece of equipment or machinery) fail to function normally or satisfactorily.
the unit is clearly malfunctioning
synonyms: crash go wrong break down fail stop working go down conk outgo kaput blow up act up

Use "malfunction" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "malfunction" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "malfunction", or refer to the context using the word "malfunction" in the English Dictionary.

1. That is not a transformer malfunction.

2. I have an emergency flight control malfunction.

3. There must have been a computer malfunction.

4. To diagnose and obviate equipment malfunction.

5. Hospitalize immediately if pump malfunction suspected.

6. This is not a wardrobe malfunction.

7. The drug caused a malfunction in the brain.

8. A safeguard should a positronic brain malfunction.


10. (9) If a single tell-tale is used to indicate an airbag malfunction, the airbag malfunction symbol (22) must be used.

11. Slang term relating to malfunction of computer program.

12. Certificate modification to address a malfunction reclassification

13. 14 To diagnose and obviate equipment malfunction.

14. The modern Line organization is in the economic domain solves "the government malfunction" and "the market malfunction" one item chooses inevitably.

15. He says it's nothing, sir, merely a malfunction.

16. The whole DVB system can be monitor and the function including malfunction analyzing, malfunction recording, autoalarm can be implemented by this system.

17. According to electrify malfunction of flap electric operation system, the text depicts flap electric operation sys-tem function, malfunction analysis and circuitry improvement process.

18. (Winners denoted in bold) "Min Hyo Rin experiences a wardrobe malfunction".

19. In some cases, the malfunction caused cars to uncontrollably.

20. The date was lost due to a software malfunction.

21. Reduce the shutdown time of production caused by malfunction.

22. A mistake or malfunction that can a computer program.

23. Hardware Malfunction, call your hardware vend or for support.

24. At this point in time, we believe the oxygen masks malfunction.

25. Results have been delayed owing to a malfunction in the computer.

26. Problem: hatch door malfunction, backup power fail, manual override fail

27. Well, maybe he has some physical aberration or a malfunction.

28. Well, that's a pretty convenient time for a camera malfunction.

29. Down's syndrome is a condition caused by a genetic malfunction.

30. Type I diabetes is caused by an immune system malfunction.

31. Electrical noise caused by diode or stator malfunction is not acceptable.

32. The favored theories involve malfunction of what is called the “grout curtain.”

33. The paper has introduced the frequent malfunction of YNRQ liquid viscous soft starting device during use, and analyzed the causes for malfunction and the elimination method.

34. Brittle seals and material fatigue can cause a rocket to malfunction.

35. There are other dates on which systems could malfunction. Such as?

36. It'll appear to be a malfunction of the fire containment system.

37. The radiation can damage microprocessors and computer memories, causing them to malfunction.

38. Command, our eyes are down. We have a PEOC outer security door malfunction.

39. Relay logic control is used in old planer, and its circuitry is complicated, so the malfunction rate is high, and it is difficult to find the malfunction out.

40. Abnormal turbidity measurements or particle counts can quickly indicate a malfunction in filter performance.

41. Objective To analyze the outcome of arthrolysis in patients with elbow malfunction.

42. Inexplicably, the usually reliable pumps started to malfunction and finally broke down.

43. This heat can cause certain circuit-board components to malfunction or fail altogether.

44. You're saying that his left ventricle had been weakened by the lvad malfunction?

45. Epilepsy: Neurological disorder caused by paroxysmal malfunction of neurons in the Brain ( seizures ).

46. The malfunction indicator shall not activate during vehicle operation required by points 4.3.2 to

47. This is a photo of the original accident in New Jersey, caused by signal malfunction.

48. The plane encountered rough weather that caused the speed sensors to ice over and malfunction.

49. 12 The main complications were thromboembolism, valve mechanical malfunction, peri prosthetic leak, hemolysis and SBE.

50. Nellis Tower, this is Tasty 1-1 with an emergency flight control malfunction.