malfunctions in English

a failure to function in a normal or satisfactory manner.
I've got a couple of equipment malfunctions which I'm struggling with.
(of a piece of equipment or machinery) fail to function normally or satisfactorily.
the unit is clearly malfunctioning
synonyms: crash go wrong break down fail stop working go down conk outgo kaput blow up act up

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1. ◦ potential effect(s) of spills or accidental malfunctions

2. That is 0.3 malfunctions for each 24-hour activation period concurrent or not.

3. The OBD system has to alert and to inform about emission related malfunctions.

4. Such shutdown shall not prevent the alarm signal from being triggered by other malfunctions.

5. At least 35 manufacturers have flouted a law requiring prompt reporting of such malfunctions.

6. That shutdown shall not prevent the alarm signal from being triggered by other malfunctions

7. Information on air emissions during malfunctions and accidental events is provided in Section 6.3.1.

8. • Application of Sable Island Emergency Contingency Plan and Code of Practice for Sable Island MALFUNCTIONS AND ACCIDENTS

9. A system for monitoring operation and diagnosing malfunctions in a variable valve actuation device is disclosed.

10. Malfunctions in centrosome cohesion and separation, in fact, have been seen in many solid tumors.

11. Malfunctions and accidents would primarily involve pipeline releases, spills of hazardous liquids, forest fires or vehicle–wildlife interactions.

12. Malfunctions in the basal ganglia occur in Parkinson's disease, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and many neuropsychiatric disorders.

13. Among these are drugs, poisons, severe accidents, especially to the central nervous system, and various malfunctions of the brain.

14. First they discovered bird droppings in their detector and checked for other possible malfunctions, but soon ruled these out.

15. APAR: The Authorized Program Analysis Report (in short: APAR) is an IBM internal formal report to development, to report program malfunctions.

16. A single counter may accumulate the number of hours of 2 or more different malfunctions relevant to that type of counter.

17. Upon their arrival at the laboratory, the laser spectroscope malfunctions when it is activated, raising the possibility of something else being transported to Earth.

18. This counter shall accumulate the time during which the engine operates with any of the Class B1 malfunctions it is linked with.

19. What do deaths from the H1N1 virus, food-borne illnesses, Toyota accelerator malfunctions, sexual predators, and coal mining all have in common?

20. Building a European legal area is absolutely dependent upon improving cooperation between courts and, consequently, upon simplifying and streamlining procedures in order to remove malfunctions and delays.

21. The B# counter may accumulate the number of hours of # or more different Class B# malfunctions, none of them having reached the time the counter indicates

22. The testing orders of local-area network(LAN)in common use are introduced and examples solving network malfunctions are enumerated and the management strategies of network are researched.

23. Malfunctions and accidental events that have potential environmental effects include: platform-based spills; malfunction of the acid gas management system; blowouts and pipeline/flowline ruptures; and collisions.

24. But when the LES malfunctions, it becomes the main player in heartburn --a searing, sometimes sour-tasting chest-spasm that many people will experience at some point in their lives.

25. By using the information on aircraft flight data recorders and cockpit voice recorders recovered from accident sites, engineers can program simulators to duplicate the exact conditions and malfunctions that occurred in actual and specific aircraft accidents.

26. 3.3.6 Accidents/Malfunctions fuel spill from equipment operated on site; spills of uncured concrete or grout into surrounding waterbodies; and erosion/overflow of sediment traps and slope failure caused by heavy rains during construction.

27. Known flying objects (01) are controlled independently at the flying height by means of an automatic flight control system and have an adjustment device of the aerofoils which is retracted into the non-deflected home position in the event of malfunctions occurring.

28. A spring element (13) is coupled to the actuator (4) and an abutment (14) for returning the shifting element to the first shifting state, if the electric signal malfunctions. Said spring element is tensioned in relation to the actuator (4) in the second shifting state in such a way that if decoupling occurs, the spring element (13) returns the shifting element to the first shifting state, by means of the actuator (4).