megabuck|megabucks in English


[meg·a·buck || 'megəbʌk]

(Slang) one million dollars

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "megabuck|megabucks" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "megabuck|megabucks", or refer to the context using the word "megabuck|megabucks" in the English Dictionary.

1. She's earning megabucks now.

2. We're talking megabucks this time.

3. I'm not being paid megabucks.

4. They sank megabucks into their new house.

5. Who knows[Sentence dictionary], we may win megabucks.

6. It's costing me megabucks to get the car fixed.

7. They spent megabucks on the deck of their new house.

8. Do you know what this will cost? We're talking megabucks here.

9. They're making megabucks. That's what I should be writing about.

10. But she won't let her megabucks prize change her life ... it's only worth £30p.

11. However, a megabucks offer will be hard for Blackburn to turn down – especially if Blackburn is relegated.

12. Yet now, after years of practice, he is paid megabucks for his presentations.

13. I earn the first megabuck of life when 30 years old, common ground says even if realized American dream.

14. We would have to spend megabucks buying lottery tickets to even have a small chance of winning.

15. Juventus are also interested in Pirlo, but the Turin club could not match the package megabucks City could put together.

16. Because they have megabucks stashed away. Provisions for the long haul. Live in gated compounds with mercenaries guarding them.

17. "There is no other capital in peacetime Europe that is being subjected to such devastation for the sake of earning a fast megabuck, " the study said.

18. His inbox is full of emails saying how easy it is to make megabucks through Internet marketing - so he decides to devote his spare time to starting a new business.

19. London, with its world financial hub, is the centre of the nanny trade in Britain, employing thousands of the surrogate mothers to care for their infants while they earn megabucks in the City.