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(Medicine) colon that is large or dilated in an abnormal manne

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1. Congenital aganglionic megacolon should be considered even in adult megacolon.

2. This paper reports 55 cases of congenital megacolon, which wore treated by surgical operation or other therapy according to different type of the megacolon.

3. It analyzed both the material and methods of cleaning enema for congenital megacolon infants.

4. Objective: To study the clinical value of Laparoscopy in radical operation on congenital megacolon.

5. A special medical device for the treatment of congenital megacolon is designed.

6. AIM In order to explore the clinical anb barium enema manifestation of congenital megacolon.

7. Conclusion: anal-rectal pressure measurement is a better way to diagnose congenital megacolon.

8. Objective To study the morphology of myenteric nerve plexus in the congenital megacolon.

9. Objective:To study the X ray characteristics and the examination procedure of infant congenital megacolon.

10. Objective To investigate the anal - heart reflex happened in radical Operation of infant congenital megacolon.

11. Objective To study the minitraumatic operation method for long-segment type congenital megacolon in neonates.

12. Objectives To explore the operative method of trans-anal colonic pull-through combined minilaparotomy for congenital megacolon.

13. Results The X-ray findings of 58 cases of Congenital Megacolon were convulsively strictured segment of rectum end.

14. Objective To explore the operative method of pulling colon out from anus for neonate and infant with Congenital Megacolon.

15. Objective:To investigate the effect of infant who performed radical operation on congenital megacolon disease in laparoscope under different methods of anaesthesia.

16. In this paper, the authors have concluded the understandings of the nursing of 10 patients with transanal congenital megacolon radical operation.

17. It could be shown that neurogenic megacolon in adults is not only caused by aganglionosis but also by non-aganglionic innervation disorders.

18. Results The radiological findings of 58 children with congenital megacolon were characterized by different range of spastic stricture in rectal end segment.

19. Etiology, course and treatment of some anorectal diseases (rectal prolapse, haemorrhoids, anal fissure, megacolon congenitum) can be deduced from the normal and pathological anatomy.

20. 15 Conclusion Trisomy 16 mice occur with congenital megacolon, and trisomy 16 mice may be also regard as an animal model for Hirschsprung's disease.

21. Toxic megacolon secondary to infective colitis is rare in children, but it can be severe, and it has a high mortality rate.

22. Conclusion Trisomy 16 mice occur with congenital megacolon, and trisomy 16 mice may be also regard as an animal model for Hirschsprung's disease.

23. Methods:17 cases of infant congenital megacolon were examined with barium enema, and the X ray findings were compared with operative and pathological findings.

24. Long term history of constipation and examination with barium enema are the main basis of diagnosing the adult congenital megacolon before operation and to selecting different operations accor...

25. Methods 10 cases with Congenital Megacolon were treated by the method of pulling the disease colon out from anus, cutting and sewing up the colon and rectum in stage I.

26. In 144 pull-through-operations performed for anorectal-atresia, following complications were observed: pneumonia 11%, sepsis 8.3%, peritonitis 5%, bowel obstruction 5%, osteomyelitis 1%, retraction of the pulled-through colon 4%, anal stenosis 16%, secondary megacolon 9%, fistula relapse 8%, mucosal prolapse 4%. Recto-urethral, recto-vesical- and recto-vaginal fistula relapses are managed by interposition of the gracile muscle.