misdiagnose in English

make an incorrect diagnosis of (a particular illness).
Not only are such spurious therapies nauseating in their own right, but they misdiagnose the disease.

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1. Of patients who do get medical attention, many physicians misdiagnose the illness.

2. Or doctors may misdiagnose it as asthma or another infection.

3. Objective To analyze the cause of misdiagnose of Endobronchial tuberculosis.

4. The sonogram of some diseases may be misdiagnose as renal calculus.

5. Objective To summary clinical characteristic of rabies and analyse misdiagnose reasons.

6. The Analysis of Failing ( Cases) to Diagnose, Misdiagnose and Therapeutic Error of Acute Appendicitis.

7. Early diagnose and treatment could avoid and reduce the rate of misdiagnose.

8. Objective To reduce the misdiagnose rate of Wilson's degeneration with Dysphrenia in the Neurology Department.

9. Objective: To investigate the clinical manifestation of the subarachnoid haemorrhage and the cause of clinical misdiagnose.

10. Research shows that when doctors don't listen to patients, they miss important health cues and misdiagnose illness.

11. Conclusion:the pulmonary artery embolism lacks the specific clinical manifestation and is easy to misdiagnose, should be emphasized.

12. It is pointed out that misdiagnose can be avoided by applying fuzzy relational diagnosis after clustering analysis.

13. Here are four common conditions that people often misdiagnose — and the clues that can lead to real relief.

14. Result: The region and the clinical manifestation of tuberculosis in oral and maxillofacial region was diverse, which is apt to misdiagnose .

15. Conclusion It was helpful to run P2BG for screening diabetes in health check-up group, thus to avoid misdiagnose.

16. The image of inferior rectus muscle seemed like smooth spheroid from backward to forward, which tended to misdiagnose as tumor.

17. Patients may not consider a continuous cough serious enough to seek medical attention. Or doctors may misdiagnose it as asthma or another infection.

18. Conclusion SPTP is easy to misdiagnose during clinical assessment, CT and MRI have some characteristics for SPTP, combined with the clinical, which can distinguished from other tumor in pancreas.

19. Or doctors may misdiagnose it as (asma)asthma or another infection. Some of the early warning signs (as)are a cough that will not go away and an increase in mucus production.