moving in English

in motion.
a fast-moving river
producing strong emotion, especially sadness or sympathy.
an unforgettable and moving book
go in a specified direction or manner; change position.
she stood up and moved to the door
synonyms: go walk proceed progress advance budge stir shift change position

Use "moving" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "moving" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "moving", or refer to the context using the word "moving" in the English Dictionary.

1. Get moving!

2. Stop moving.

3. 9 How Long a Moving Average? Moving averages help identify trends.

4. Moving coil servomotors

5. Stop moving it.

6. Moving the Rock

7. Constantly Moving Forward

8. Screw-moving assembly including screw-moving actuator and bias-adjustment mechanism

9. Moving Further Afield

10. Keep them moving.

11. moving and commuting costs;

12. You're moving too much.

13. Moving Forward After Divorce

14. Get moving, old goat.

15. Moving into the pylorus.

16. The streets were jammed with slow moving traffic, army convoys moving north-east.

17. The'Flying Daggers'are always moving.

18. I'm moving, you know.

19. It's stressful moving house.

20. I'm moving very slowly.

21. Mikhalev moving chess pieces.

22. Moving Forward with Light

23. Moving sidewalks, flying cars.

24. - traffic: several lanes, moving,

25. — traffic: several lanes, moving,

26. problems moving facial muscles

27. These warriors move spasmodically, sometimes moving far and sometimes not moving at all.

28. Your mouth is moving.

29. Parts of lifts, Moving stairway,Moving sidewalks, passenger boarding bridges for ports, platform lifts, aerial work platforms, Moving staircases,Stairlifts (included in this class)

30. Yeah, I'm moving, Angel-cakes.

31. The Huns are moving quickly.

32. Infantry's moving to the left.

33. This is a moving spectacle.

34. 25 The streets were jammed with slow moving traffic,( army convoys moving north-east.

35. Keep moving and keep quiet!

36. Moving Ahead With Organizational Refinements

37. The reportage is really moving.

38. The company's moving to Scotland.

39. I have to get moving.

40. Introspect! Is your life moving forward or just moving like a pendulum? RVM 

41. • Moving, storage (dry basement usable)


43. His performance was very moving.

44. We're moving house next month.

45. Moving Forward After Divorce 8

46. Actually, the mollusc isn't moving.

47. You big baby.We' re moving

48. Sorters had to unscramble a moving target, while tests had to resist a moving arrow.

49. The crossbeam will support the rotating floor, the column and its moving while moving guide track.

50. Both black holes are moving.