no sweat in English


(Slang) no problem, easy

Use "no sweat" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "no sweat" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "no sweat", or refer to the context using the word "no sweat" in the English Dictionary.

1. No sweat, no sweet.

2. No sweat. We're partners.

3. That job was no sweat.

4. We did it, no sweat.

5. Of Course. Easy. No sweat.

6. No sweat! I can finish it.

7. The driver was good, no sweat.

8. "Many thanks." — "No sweat. Anything else?"

9. No headsets, no hat, no sweat.

10. I passed the prelim with no sweat.

11. No sweat. I'll do it right away.

12. No sweat, I'll take care of the problem.

13. We'll make money on it with no sweat.

14. White men no sweat pure, too many clothe.

15. No sweat. This project will be a piece of cake.

16. Characteristically the skin is dry and hot with no sweat.

17. Well, she could answer that one straight off, no sweat!

18. Drink enough of it, you can juggle with snakes, no sweat.

19. A fowl has no sweat glands to regulate its body temperature .

20. No sweat on this job, we have three weeks to do it.

21. Of cause I can have your car repaired by noon. No sweat.

22. No sweat. I'll hae he report done for you in an hour.

23. No-one minds that she's a woman, that's no sweat at all.

24. Still in their musical infancy, these guys are prospective heavyweight champions ... no sweat.

25. It was no sweat because everyone stood on the chairs and danced anyway.

26. No sweat, I'm happy to change shifts with you if you want Friday afternoon off.

27. One man's conflict may be water which flows unceremoniously off another's back; no sweat, no hassle.

28. "I'll get my purse out of the bedroom." — "No sweat, Mrs. Day. We can put it on your tab.".