obeying in English

comply with the command, direction, or request of (a person or a law); submit to the authority of.
I always obey my father
synonyms: do what someone sayscarry out someone's orderssubmit todefer tobow toyield togive in tocomply withadhere to observe abide by act in accordance withconform to respect follow keep tostick to

Use "obeying" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "obeying" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "obeying", or refer to the context using the word "obeying" in the English Dictionary.

1. The first is obeying God’s commandments.

2. You honor me by obeying my command.

3. □ How does obeying God’s Word enhance business relationships?

4. □ Why is obeying God’s law on blood so important?

5. To learn obeying is the fundamental art of governing. 

6. We cannot command Nature, except by obeying her . - -- Francis Bacon.

7. It entails obeying God in all the activities of our daily lives.

8. * What are the consequences of obeying or disobeying the Lord’s commandments?

9. Bad associations can ‘hinder us from keeping on obeying the truth.’

10. Anyone not obeying the traffic regulations is to be reckoned with.

11. But by not obeying God’s laws, men have acted ruinously and become defective.

12. Am I conscientiously obeying the laws of Caesar, though putting God’s law first?

13. For not obeying discipline, the soldier was dressed down by the officer.

14. Lt. Carlos was not obeying orders. He acted on his own initiative .

15. Therefore, it was probable that they are obeying the Langmuirs adsorption isotherm.

16. By obeying these laws, husbands and wives learned to control sexual passion.

17. Even though Ahaz continued to do bad things, Hezekiah kept obeying Jehovah.

18. I fell under his freezing spell, obeying all his commands without thinking.

19. It's God's will to make people obey their parents after obeying God.

20. Enjoy the inner peace of mind that obeying one’s conscience can bring.

21. It was no defence to plead that they were only obeying orders.

22. In justification of his conduct, he pleaded that he was merely obeying orders.

23. Some people may consider me strait-laced, but I'm just obeying the law.

24. Should you go outside to see?— Would this be obeying the ‘superior authorities’?—

25. Obeying that direction can help you to honor Jehovah and reap lasting satisfaction.

26. Satan does not realise that real freedom is found in obeying the voice of reason.

27. War criminals tried to justify their actions by saying that they were only obeying orders.

28. Saul of Tarsus had thought he was obeying God by persecuting the early Christians.

29. * By word and example, teach moral values and a commitment to obeying the commandments.

30. A material obeying ohm's law is called an ohmic conductor or a linear conductor.

31. Let us keep obeying the command: “Get out of her, my people”! —Read Revelation 18:4.

32. The individual and the nation as a whole were equally responsible for obeying this divine precept.

33. If obeying logarithmic normal distribution, the reliable life of rolling bearings presents in an analytic form.

34. So being obedient to either a policeman or a teacher is like obeying the government.

35. Maxims, proverbs, and other forms of folk wisdom give a person reasons for obeying rules.

36. One can read off what will count as obeying an order from the order itself.

37. Obeying Yazov, he sent a force of paratroops to Moscow with far from clear orders.

38. According to this principle, we interpret language on the assumption that its sender is obeying four maxims.

39. Review the multiplicity of language-games in the following examples, and in others: Giving orders, and obeying them.

40. In a choice between meekly obeying his commands and being publicly humiliated there really was no choice.

41. Obeying this law helps them to keep overlooking imperfections and to find reasons to love one another.

42. The two drivers, obeying hand signals from Charley, eased the toppled bulldozer away, steadily and with no rotating motion.

43. She does not take the absolutist view that companies should strive only to maximise profits while obeying the rules.

44. 4 The dictionary defines obedience in this way: “Act or fact of obeying, or state of being obedient.”

45. Jesus himself was happy and took delight in obeying his Father’s commandments, in hearing and observing God’s Word.

46. Under article # of the Criminal Code, obeying an order from a legitimate authority constitutes grounds for absolute discharge

47. Under article 33 of the Criminal Code, obeying an order from a legitimate authority constitutes grounds for absolute discharge.

48. Let' s imagine these soldiers entering houses, obeying the command oftotal destruction which confers terrible, absolute freedom of action

49. Safe primes obeying certain congruences can be used to generate pseudo-random numbers of use in Monte Carlo simulation.

50. This involves your obeying your parents in all things that are in harmony with God’s laws. —Acts 5:29.