obeys in English

comply with the command, direction, or request of (a person or a law); submit to the authority of.
I always obey my father
synonyms: do what someone sayscarry out someone's orderssubmit todefer tobow toyield togive in tocomply withadhere to observe abide by act in accordance withconform to respect follow keep tostick to

Use "obeys" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "obeys" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "obeys", or refer to the context using the word "obeys" in the English Dictionary.

1. An·a·niʹas obeys.

2. The absorption obeys Beer's law.

3. It obeys the law of gravitation.

4. The market only obeys the law of supply and demand.

5. 8 " Aesop, move right, " Colvin says, and the robot obeys.

6. 5) Further, assume that the noise obeys a gaussian distribution.

7. Everything just obeys orders, obey discipline, there is no freedom desultoriness .

8. Nephi obeys the Lord’s command to preach repentance unto the people

9. It was proved that the size distribution obeys log normal distribution law.

10. The frequency chart of damaged structure, which also obeys normal distribution , descends.

11. 20 When the temperature is lower than Tk ( ≈310℃ ), the ionic conduction obeys Arrhenius relation.

12. If everyone knows and obeys the rules traffic flow and safety at roundabouts is much improved.

13. 1 The frequency chart of damaged structure, which also obeys normal distribution , descends.

14. The head of the kindergarten has such a commanding voice that everyone there obeys her.

15. This active process is not caused by solvent drag and it obeys Michaelis–Menten kinetics.

16. It takes effect when man obeys the prescript without being disturbed by his perceptual knowledge.

17. The algebraic value of a received binary symbol is itself a random variable, whose distribution obeys a particular constraint.

18. * Every soul who obeys my voice shall see my face and know that I am, D&C 93:1.

19. 7 The head of the kindergarten has such a commanding voice that everyone there obeys her.

20. Reluctantly Suzuki obeys and, with her mistress , proceeds to strew the blossoms all over the room.

21. In addition, obeys the law patriotically (8%) and lifelong studies (4%) also to receive many public the values.

22. 19 PKI is a basic platform for safe internet corresponding. It obeys the standard public key encryption technique.

23. Maximum absorption of the compounds occurs at 500 mμ and obeys the Beer–Lambert law over a suitable range.

24. And as long as everybody believes in the same fiction, everybody obeys and follows the same rules, the same norms, the same values.

25. The sea obeys God’s command: “This far you may come, and no farther; and here your proud waves are limited.”

26. The halfway removes from using personal influence , the palpus classics group leader agrees with, and obeys safe practice brought forward by group leader.

27. Due to the result of the experiment, we knew that the response curve of the detector obeys S-curve model.

28. When we study stock market, we usually think that the model of stock price obeys Brownian movement, which log-return characterize normal distribution.

29. This system obeys to principles of standardized system of testing and assessment elements with the character of strictness, conciseness, exactness, practicality and maneuverability.

30. 10) Secondly, Provide one option price demarcation line judge the method base on the premise that the exchange rate change obeys two forks of tree models.

31. The 1∶2 complex obeys Beer's law for manganese concentration of 0.04–1.4μg per ml, has molar absorptivity 4.176 x 104 and Sandell sensitivity 0.0013μg cm−2.

32. It is shown that the ice thickness and the ice velocity satisfy with Lognormal distribution and Rayleigh distribution respectively, and that the ice compression strength obeys Normal distribution.

33. Suppose the Life of each of them obeys general distribution separately. For the testing sub-system, the condition is not belongs to the former after repair but correspond to using time Y.

34. This simple design, possible because the data obeys strict LIFO order, means that no complex data structure is needed to track stack contents - a simple pointer to the top of the stack will do.

35. If by “slave” I mean al-‘aabid, one who worships Allaah and obeys His commands, this meaning applies specifically to the believers to the exclusion of the kaafireen, because the believers are the true slaves of Allaah who attribute Lordship and Divinity to Him Alone and recognize Him by His Names and Attributes, and do not associate anything with Him.