obiter dictum in English

a judge's incidental expression of opinion, not essential to the decision and not establishing precedent.
This Court will be very busy if we grant special leave in respect of judges' obiter dicta .

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1. I agree with this dictum.

2. " Pride comes before a fall " is a famous dictum.

3. This dictum is borne out again and again.

4. Ever since, Webster's dictum has been regarded as a principle of international law.

5. "All's well that ends well" is the dictum of unanimous common sense .

6. He followed the famous American dictum, 'Don't get mad, get even'.

7. More pale humour in the final dictum about the press.

8. This dictum is more familiar in its application to grammar.

9. This dictum applies particularly to price discrimination and vertical restraints.

10. Flat-dwellers shall indorse my dictum that theirs is the only true happiness.

11. She reminded us of Barnum's dictum: You could sell anything to anybody if you marketed it right.

12. Foolish dictum: In a team , a valuable team player must aspire to be leader.

13. The court in Philippou does not appear to have known of the dictum in McHugh.

14. Watch sellers employ a logical Italian dictum: a well - dressed man owns at least timepieces.

15. This was also echoed by Deng's dictum: " Free our mind and seek truth from facts. "

16. But most other politicians adhere to Benjamin Jowett's famous dictum about apologies: never!

17. 7 "All's well that ends well" is the dictum of unanimous common sense .

18. Note that criteria, data and dicta are plural words: the singulars are criterion, datum and dictum.

19. He was made to order for Bethune, who now invoked his famous dictum with a vengeance.

20. Perhaps this is behind Thoreau's dictum: In wildness is the salvation of the world.

21. Just as annoying is the pretty dictum that acts must sing live, when most of them can't.

22. If so, it is doubtful whether his dictum about A's right to retake the goods is law.

23. He was made to order for Bethune,[Sentence dictionary] who now invoked his famous dictum with a vengeance.

24. Another Dictum. The Allies fired off stiffly worded protests to Moscow against the East German regime's "coldblooded killings."

25. Remember the dictum our professor taught us, diffidence leads to envy which gives rise to spite.