object in English

a material thing that can be seen and touched.
he was dragging a large object
a person or thing to which a specified action or feeling is directed.
disease became the object of investigation
say something to express one's disapproval of or disagreement with something.
residents object to the volume of traffic
synonyms: protest (against)lodge a protest against oppose raise objections toexpress disapproval oftake exception totake issue withtake a stand againstargue againstquarrel with condemn draw the line atdemur atdisapprove of mind complain aboutcavil atquibble aboutbeg to differ withkick up a fuss/stink aboutkvetch about
    protest (against)

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "object" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "object", or refer to the context using the word "object" in the English Dictionary.

1. Object of the think-category verbs consist of noun object, timing quantifier object, verb phrase object, and clause object. We analyze the four aspects.

2. Compares this Byte object to another object.

3. Object: The object case also has two allomorphs.

4. Business Object maps: You use a Business Object map to translate one type of Business Object into another type of Business Object.

5. Object advertising

6. Encapsulation is what makes a code object an object.

7. Moving a parented object and not the child object.

8. You should put the direct object after the indirect object.

9. Explain the difference between a linked object and an embedded object?

10. The Boolean object is an object wrapper for a Boolean value.

11. The data object in these CRUD operations, ideally for this pattern, is a composite value object data object.

12. object not found

13. Translate this object

14. It'serves as the subject ( object, predicate, predicative, attribute, adverbial, object complement ).

15. Object Node name

16. You use object pronouns as the direct or indirect object ofa verb.

17. Semantic attributes can be categorized into different levels: generic object, generic scene, specific object, specific scene, abstract object, and abstract scene.

18. For example, the transfer object, business object, and data access object templates may be applied to each entity in the PIM.

19. Some verbs have two objects, a direct object and an indirect object.

20. 4 Invalid object. Object field'{ 0 }'is not assignable from column'{ 1 } '.

21. Object code ( Object language ): Machine code , as translated from a source program.

22. This type of object is known as a functor or function object.

23. In this step, you create a business object map to transform a SSA Global business object to a canonical business object.

24. Some verbs have two objects, a direct object and an indirect object. Sentencedict.com

25. Each object map uses the same window object as the parent for each of the objects in the object map hierarchy.

26. 25) This latter subdivides into the split off Exciting Object and Rejecting Object.

27. Object Module Library Update?

28. Defines an embedded object.

29. Enter Object Node Name

30. Removes FRS member object.

31. 11 Object code ( Object language ): Machine code , as translated from a source program.

32. Cannot serialize object of type'{ 0 } '. The object does not have serializable members.

33. 15) Object code ( Object language ): Machine code , as translated from a source program.

34. An object providing access to the base class list of the parent object.

35. Select Object node type

36. I object to him.

37. A transitive verb can takes an Object, and the Object appears after the verb.

38. Also, the javax.jms.Queue object is looked up, put into a simple data-transfer object (DTO) with a connection object, and returned from callback.

39. All calls to a singleton object are handled by one instance of that object.

40. 10 The user can employ the Position Constraint to make a source object move to and be coincident with another object, called the target object.

41. This means the data value object can be either a leaf data value object or an aggregative data value object that contains other value objects.

42. The source object tree (QB) is transformed into the target object tree (ZB) by adjustment.

43. Assignment ( upon initialized ): To assign to the wrapped object the value of another wrapped object.

44. Object-oriented analysis and object-oriented design using an automatic teller machine (ATM) system instance.

45. Select the object to invert

46. Transitive verbs take an object.

47. A QueryPath object is traversable.

48. It is a system object

49. Reid : OMG ? Object Management Group?

50. The object side surface of the first lens element is convex toward the object side.