object oriented in English

(of a programming language) using a methodology that enables a system to be modeled as a set of objects that can be controlled and manipulated in a modular manner.
The Java programming language contains object-oriented features enabling the construction of interface-based application frameworks.

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1. Object-oriented analysis and object-oriented design using an automatic teller machine (ATM) system instance.

2. Object Oriented Data Base Management System?

3. OAT ( Object - oriented Thinking ) is an object - oriented based model for the representation and operation of mental imagery.

4. Java is an object-oriented programming language.

5. A type of object-oriented programming language.

6. Object oriented method in CAD of urban planning.

7. The object oriented program model is very expansible.

8. Being an object oriented purist has its advantages.

9. Keyword: Intelligent hospital management information systems, databases, object - oriented.

10. Let's be clear: The object-oriented approach is excellent.

11. 5) Object oriented method in CAD of urban planning.

12. Existence Dependency Relationship is advanced for object-oriented modeling in this paper. Its use method and express method in object-oriented modeling is studied.

13. XOOPS is an acronym of "eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System".

14. Most method calls in object-oriented programming languages are synchronous.

15. 2 Q: Is the language event-driven or object - oriented?

16. Cox is a software developer specializing in object-oriented programming.

17. An object-oriented system is a set of collaborating objects.

18. As with all object - oriented models, CIM has several layers.

19. 25 Fairley's book does not discuss object-oriented analysis or design, but today, an object-oriented approach is the de facto standard for developing software.

20. One alternate to object-oriented programming is functional programming, and Python offers resources to program in a functional style, as well as object oriented and procedural.

21. Object-oriented access type information providing service system and method thereof

22. 17 This paper presents a simple example of specifying a drawing system in Z and illuminates object-oriented system specification by adding object-oriented structure to Z.

23. Object-oriented systems software troubleshooting is the strength of our team.

24. Design and development of a concurrent, object-oriented database programming environment.

25. InConcert uses a graphical user interface and object-oriented user environment.

26. Both ActionScript and Lingo allow an object - oriented approach to programming.

27. Interfacing of object-oriented programming languages to databases and expert systems.

28. object-oriented programming is often summarized as simply sending messages to objects.

29. Object Oriented Technique and Its Application in Automation System for Galvanizing Line.

30. Object - oriented , or OO, programs are the next step beyond structured programming.

31. Apple offered the first pretty complete version of an object-oriented program.

32. I'll assume that you are already familiar with object-oriented programming concepts.

33. Empty and Null are completely different beasts in any object-oriented programming language.

34. The Java language assumes that you want to do only object-oriented programming.

35. The things to program in an object-oriented programming language are the classes.

36. Object-oriented software development is based on the theory of abstract data dypes.

37. PRADO's name is an acronym derived from "PHP Rapid Application Development Object-oriented".

38. In its present form , it is now a complete object-oriented programming language.

39. ActionScript, a powerful object-oriented programming language, is used to create client logic.

40. 30 The thesis first promotes based Object Oriented Modeling method - Aggregating & Deriving Mothod.

41. 9 Joint Conference on Object-Oriented Technology and Applications (OOTA) and Software Engineering ...

42. The SystemCTM language subset and modelling techniques defined during the ODETTE project enable the use of object-oriented and other useful features in the synthesis of hardware designs directly from object-oriented specifications.

43. Based on object - oriented design and modularization, the system has good maintainability and expandability.

44. The first six chapters develop the foundations of object-oriented programming with ANSI - C .

45. Architectural preciousness, as a result of beautiful imaging, has created an object oriented aesthetic.

46. It will include graphical interface enhancements and offer a distributed object-oriented file system.

47. Those with an interest in object-oriented programming for large - scale programs and systems.

48. The problem of unsmooth transition between the stages of object oriented system development is presented.

49. Scala offers quite different capabilities, the integration of Object Oriented with the Functional programming style.

50. CORBA is an object - oriented distributed calculation platform raised by the Object Management Group ( OMG ) .