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passenger ship, cruise ship

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1. We sailed on a large ocean liner.

2. He shipped as cook aboard an ocean liner.

3. He shipped as doctor aboard an ocean liner.

4. Think of an inverted ocean liner whose hull is transparent.

5. It became impractical to make a business trip by ocean liner.

6. You think our little tug will pull this entire ocean liner?

7. Let's just say it's our one night on an ocean liner.

8. It is a vast, elegant white building shaped like an ocean liner.

9. Like giant swells rocking an ocean liner, these waves shook larger objects.

10. Ocean liner: Large merchant ship that visits designated ports on a regular schedule.

11. I did once dream of becoming the first woman to captain an ocean liner.

12. On June 19 The President Hoover, a luxurious ocean liner, berthed in Hong Kong.

13. The white tubular railing recalls the industrial "ocean-liner" aesthetic that Le Corbusier much admired.

14. It will take over the trans - Atlantic duties of the Queen Elizabeth 2 ocean liner.

15. The tugs took up the strain and the ocean liner edged away from the quayside.

16. Volume Contract; the Rotterdam Rules; Contract of Affreightment; Ocean Liner Service Agreement; Freedom of Contract.

17. I managed to stick in both the zeppelin and an ocean liner out of sheer enthusiasm.

18. Nigel Davis reports on an industry whose products protect both an ocean liner and a girl's dress.

19. Their obsessive story is told in graphic detail as they sail merrily along on an ocean liner.

20. We are fitting out a new ocean liner with up - to - date equipment for a long voyage.

21. Ann flew to Amsterdam, where she dedicated the new international Aid Building and christened an ocean liner.

22. She claimed she had somehow been placed on an ocean liner that had lost its way at sea.

23. His mother died in the 1915 sinking of the British ocean liner SS Arabic by a German submarine.

24. The 1957 photo shows him holding a scale model of an ocean liner he built entirely by hand.

25. It features a two-story newsroom, a lobby decorated like a 1930s ocean liner and a Mount Vernon-style cupola on the roof.

26. Pursuant to that view, it was suggested that the references to “contracts of affreightment, volume contracts, or similar agreements” currently between square brackets should be moved to chapter # with the possible addition of a reference to “ocean liner service agreements (OLSAs)”

27. MONDAY , March 1 ( HealthDay News ) - In a life-and-death situation , how much time people have to react has a lot to do with whether they behave selfishly or selflessly , if a new critique of the infamous Titanic and Lusitania ocean liner disasters is any indication .