oceanographic in English


[o·ce·a·no·graph·ic· || ‚əʊʃənə'græfɪk(l)]

of or pertaining to oceanography (science of oceans)

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1. Design and development of data acquisition, data logging and data transmitting apparatus for monitoring various oceanographic parameters, instrumented oceanographic buoys, oceanographic profiling systems, oceanographic and hydrographic survey apparatus, oceanographic and hydrographic measuring instruments, real-time environmental monitoring and alarm apparatus

2. Oceanographic probes directly measure water conditions.

3. Providing meteorological, oceanographic, climatological and seismographic information

4. Willingness to participate in oceanographic research cruises is mandatory.

5. To include Geographic Support, aeronautical information, hydrographic, oceanographic and meteorological information.

6. It is an oceanographic ship that gathers underwater acoustic data, using sonar.

7. Admittance to the Principe Felipe Science museum , Oceanographic (aquarium) and Hemisferico (Imax Cinema).

8. The really scary things though are the physical, chemical, oceanographic things that are happening.

9. It's an oceanographic phenomenon that shifts in time and space on a seasonal basis.

10. There were even several geographical areas named after him in recognition of his oceanographic studies.

11. For example, kelp forests can influence coastal oceanographic patterns and provide many ecosystem services.

12. Physical - biological oceanographic coupling influencing phytoplankton and primary production in the South China Sea.

13. Include oceanographic parameters in the upper-water layer because of the potential for accidental discharge.

14. Soviet Oceanographic Ice-Class Research Vessel Professor Molchanov, operated since 1983, was named in his honor.

15. Marine Thesaurus, as one of the information retrieval language. is a basic means of establishing Chinese oceanographic document database.

16. The English natural philosopher ROBERT BOYLE carried out pioneering oceanographic measurements on temperature, salinity, pressure, and depth.

17. We use oceanographic research vessels but they are very limited in their operational capabilities and are also very costly.

18. Eventually a sample of it found its way to the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco, then headed by Jacques Cousteau.

19. It was actually "discovered" long ago in the sense that museum specimens of the fish existed at Scripps Oceanographic Institute.

20. Water Assessment 1992 was an excellent year for oceanographic and water related work, with a gross profit significantly ahead of budget.

21. 22) It was actually "discovered" long ago in the sense that museum specimens of the fish existed at Scripps Oceanographic Institute.

22. Investigating in deep water will be the work of AL VIN a two-man submersible on loan from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

23. Satellite images National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (NOAA AVHRR) are acquired by a worldwide network of receiving stations.

24. The largest efforts have concentrated on the extraction of oceanographic information from synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery and applications of radar altimetry .

25. First proposed in 1973 by CharlesHollister, an oceanographer at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, sub-seabedstorage was seriously considered by the U.S. through 19

26. To create harmony among a diverse oceanographic community, SEADATANET II standardised its software and data directories, implementing common quality control protocols and common vocabularies.

27. Research on non-disturbing techniques for oceanographic observations (biological communities, three dimensional physical structure of the oceans), including sound signal modelling and analysis.

28. Sponsored by State Oceanic Administration, National Center of Oceanographic Standards and Metrology has successfully developed the model JBY1-1 calibration equipment used for wave buoy.

29. The officials said the Chinese ships appeared to be a naval intelligence vessel, two smaller trawlers , a fisheries patrol boat and an official oceanographic ship.

30. For example, the occurrence of kelp is frequently correlated with oceanographic upwelling zones, which provide unusually high concentrations of nutrients to the local environment.

31. We mainly design and manufacture deck and outfitting machinery used in oceanographic ship, warship and oil platform. We can manufacture 300 units of products per year.

32. (c) other relevant research, including surveys of abundance, biomass surveys, hydro-acoustic surveys, research on environmental factors affecting stock abundance, and oceanographic and ecological studies.

33. "Jellyfish are an excellent bellwether for the environment, " said Jacqueline Goy , of the Oceanographic Institute of Paris. "The more jellyfish, the stronger the signal that something has changed.

34. Doctor Harald Benke, director of the German Oceanographic Museum, says that it is very rare for the dolphin to be suckling its calf in the presence of the police boat.

35. Atlantis is named after RV Atlantis, a two-masted sailing ship that operated as the primary research vessel for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution from 1930 to 1966.

36. A Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution study in January 2009 found that emperor penguins could be pushed to the brink of extinction by the year 2100 due to global climate change.

37. However, a team of marine biologists, led by Mary Ann Daher of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, reported in New Scientist in December 2004 that they had been tracking a whale in the North Pacific for 12 years that was "singing" at 52 Hz.

38. Under prevailing summer oceanographic conditions along the British Columbia coast, likely ecological consequences of aggregation in and beneath upwelling water include access to high food density in the overlying surface layer, reduced alongshore transport, and horizontal segregation between adult and larval euphausiids.

39. Tests on earth movements, magnetic fields, gravity and other factors such as currents, water temperature and salinity were successfully carried out from the GEOSTAR (Geophysical and Oceanographic Station for Abyssal Research) observation and surveillance unit, stationed at a depth of 2000 metres below the sea for 206 days.