offensive in English

actively aggressive; attacking.
offensive operations against the insurgents
an attacking military campaign.
an impending military offensive against the guerrillas

Use "offensive" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "offensive" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "offensive", or refer to the context using the word "offensive" in the English Dictionary.

1. Offensive.

2. She said some offensive remarks.

3. The film was gratuitously offensive.

4. German counter-offensive was foiled.

5. The German air offensive failed.

6. We're careful before an offensive.

7. An offensive here, as usual!

8. He went on the offensive.

9. Offensive refinery, Assimilator or extractor.

10. 15 His lordly manners were offensive.

11. Angry protesters whitewashed the offensive billboards.

12. The troops took up offensive positions.

13. I find your attitude most offensive.

14. Some people regard nudity as offensive.

15. They will do on the offensive.

16. Auburn offensive coordinator Rodney Allison said.

17. It won't work with offensive images.

18. I found her remarks deeply offensive .

19. 14 Offensive refinery, Assimilator or extractor.

20. Thirty-three people were charged with drug offences, the other 18 with possessing offensive, weapons and offensive behaviour.

21. The noise is offensive to the ear.

22. Such remarks are both offensive and untrue.

23. com/growler.html) uses electromagnetics as offensive weapons.

24. Offensive language is not welcome in Meme.

25. Undoubtedly you would because uncleanness is offensive.

26. Could you qualify his behavior as offensive?

27. The dump sent out an offensive odor.

28. A major offensive was launched on August

29. He found her comments deeply irritating/offensive.

30. 1 The Tet Offensive followed this tradition.

31. This poster is offensive and degrades women.

32. The dump sent out an offensive odour.

33. But our offensive line is coming together.

34. He told some really offensive sexist jokes.

35. The interview was offensive and sickeningly irresponsible.

36. Salivation. Offensive odour of mouth is marked.

37. The final offensive was launched on January

38. He was convicted of carrying an offensive weapon .

39. He was charged with carrying an offensive weapon.

40. They ignore offensive linemen and shortchange defensive brilliance.

41. These pornographic magazines are deeply offensive to women.

42. Offensive coordinator Rob Green was named interim coach.

43. The next day, Stalingrad front army offensive began.

44. This was offensive to Hinduism, his critics yelled.

45. The war was characterised by mobile offensive operations.

46. The army was very much on the offensive.

47. This allowed him to go on the offensive.

48. The defensive team nearly equipoised the offensive team.

49. An offensive must be launched, she thought feverishly.

50. Dungy recently hired David Shula as offensive coordinator.