offertory in English

the offering of the bread and wine at the Eucharist.
an offering or collection of money made at a religious service.
At the cathedral teachers were secured for the boy's school through seat rents supplemented by church offertories and school fees.

Use "offertory" in a sentence

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1. Money should be put in the offertory box.

2. This is the sense of the offertory as seen from the liturgical texts.

3. Music was provided by the Shrine authorities with pilgrims assisting with readings, bidding prayers and the offertory procession.

4. The Offertory prayers and the litany are much longer than those in the Apostolic Constitutions.

5. Even if the latest Catholic reforms underplay the offertory ritual, it is not of itself without meaning or challenge.

6. In the first instance it acknowledges bread and wine as gifts by the gesture of the offertory.

7. In 19 offertory from GDCCP and some Hong Kong friends of GDCCP, established two primary schools of Qianjin and Fengcun at Ruyuan, Shaoguan.