on the fly in English

on the go; while moving from one place to another; in the air; changing regularly (regarding web sites in which the content is changed frequently)

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1. On the Fly Conversion

2. My wife is always on the fly.

3. You know, just decide on the fly.

4. The code is translated on the fly.

5. I usually eat breakfast on the fly.

6. She wrote those letters on the fly.

7. Housework keeps mother on the fly all day.

8. The laws were being changed on the fly.

9. The bird caught a bug on the fly.

10. Do you run through each day on the fly?

11. It was all pretty much done on the fly.

12. So far, policy is being made on the fly.

13. Sometimes you have to make decisions on the fly.

14. On-the-fly auxiliary basis function technique, aCD and acCD.

15. Users can reportedly modify the workflow process on the fly.

16. This time, I got it there on the fly. Sentencedict.com

17. Two advancements include CPU shielding and on-the-fly priority assignment .

18. Use the Left/Right arrow keys to adjust speed on the fly.

19. We like the convenience of looking up a word on the fly on the screen, and the gravitas of doing it, not on the fly, from one of the O.E.D.'s 20 volumes.

20. The article studied the thermal desorption behavior Fs on the fly ash under anoxic conditions.

21. Taco Bell: The burritos and fajitas are among the easiest foods to eat on the fly.

22. allows to change the interface language on the fly without a need to restart the program.

23. Centimeter accurate global positioning system receiver for on-the-fly real-time kinematic measurement and control

24. Program allows to add new words to "user's dictionary" and to edit is "on-the-fly".

25. Systems like the ones that we were creating on the fly could exist ahead of time.

26. 8 The article studied the thermal desorption behavior Fs on the fly ash under anoxic conditions.

27. The attack of the tiger on the wild ass, the attack of the spider on the fly.

28. Voila 20 MHz. If we used a programmable divider here we could change frequencies on the fly.

29. Multivariate testing is when you use software to change different parts of your website on the fly.

30. Upon receiving the requested page, the server renders the content on-the-fly and compresses the graphics.

31. We build up such a data structure on the fly in the format routine, using the reverse command.

32. The model can also be manipulated on the fly; the model change will reflect the UI change immediately.

33. The data to be partitioned is implemented as a 3D undirected weighted graph that gets updated on-the-fly.

34. "The MONARCH microarchitecture is unique in its ability to reconfigure itself to optimize processing on the fly," Uros says.

35. However, unlike similar technologies, it will self-heal corrupted blocks and fix them on the fly without user interaction.

36. We had so little time to catch the train that we had to eat our lunch on the fly.

37. Java applets are capable of handling a wide variety of graphic formats as well as creating graphics on the fly.

38. I was on the scope, correcting for wind and velocity, doing the trig work in my head, on the fly.

39. Some systems still rely on a batch pagination method while others, like Interleaf, do the whole thing on the fly.

40. Some one more determined could probably find some flat back-road routes, but doing it on the fly proved beyond us.

41. This root is then stored and may be accessed in the lexicon at run-time rather than determined on the fly.

42. The run-time code is loaded on to a real processor and translated on the fly into the chip's native instruction set.

43. When viewing Users over any non-date dimension, Analytics uses a second table, described below, in order to calculate Users on the fly.

44. The robot would vary material properties on the fly and create these 12-foot-long structures made of a single material, 100 percent recyclable.

45. In this example, we examine how a company uses business rules to define the billing rules and to externalize and modify them on the fly.

46. This behavior can now be changed on the fly by changing the policy in the registry, and no code changes or redeployment of code is required.

47. Things like gapless playback, 5-band equalizers, on-the-fly playlist creation and FLAC/OGG support are features that many of today's models can only envy.

48. For instance, an HTML equivalent is generated on the fly for search engines to index the contents of Silex Web sites as if they were HTML Web sites.

49. 6 Things like gapless playback, 5-band equalizers,(www.Sentencedict.com) on-the-fly playlist creation and FLAC/OGG support are features that many of today's models can only envy.

50. A new vision on the fly system is proposed based on the beam splitting lens according to the demand of component picking and placing in the electronic manufacturing equipments.