on the instant in English

immediately, right away, without delay

Use "on the instant" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "on the instant" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "on the instant", or refer to the context using the word "on the instant" in the English Dictionary.

1. She left on the instant.

2. He left on the instant.

3. Leave this house on the instant!

4. She turned and recognised him on the instant.

5. Her pretty face strengthened and hardened on the instant.

6. On the instant she was out of her bunk.

7. Perseus saw her and on the instant loved her.

8. 1 Perseus saw her and on the instant loved her.

9. On the instant, a fearful commotion began on the farther side.

10. McTeague rose on the instant with a great laugh of exultation.

11. He ordered them out to execution on the instant, and it was done.

12. All this plethora of sight, and feeling, and thought occurred on the instant.

13. The thief scrambled up the high fence and disappeared over it on the instant.

14. On the instant those at the table were keyed up and expectant to him.

15. The lad fled, on the instant scrambled up the high board fence and disappeared over it.

16. All this plethora of sight , and feeling, and thought occurred on the instant . There was no pause of the realities wherein he moved.

17. While they were thus embarrassed, a large chest was brought and deposited in the presbytery for the Bishop, by two unknown horsemen, who departed on the instant.