pagoda in English

a Hindu or Buddhist temple or sacred building, typically a many-tiered tower, in India and East Asia.
Buddhist temples incorporate pagodas , a design which came from India around the first century C.E. (the time when the religion made its way to China).

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1. The pagoda tilts to the east.

2. This is a pagoda worshiping activity.

3. A high pagoda rises behind our house.

4. An ancient pagoda frowns on the mountainside.

5. A new pagoda was built in 1964.

6. The pagoda has a base of heptagon.

7. Regardless of danger, he climbed the pagoda.

8. The Wild Goose Pagoda was dimly visible.

9. Hexahedral structure makes it looks like a pagoda.

10. The pagoda cast its shadow athwart the lake.

11. The pagoda has a heptagonal /seven-sided base.

12. The Dayan Pagoda is the symBol of Xi'an .

13. The reflection of the pagoda comes and goes.

14. Away from the pagoda stretch fields of ripening corn.

15. The magnificent view of the ancient pagoda dissolved in mist.

16. This pagoda was built in 10 during the Liao Dynasty.

17. The pagoda came into view as we rounded the bend.

18. Demons have been confined in Lei Feng Pagoda for aeons!

19. Many tourists puffed up the steep steps of the ancient pagoda.

20. Eisuke Temple stupa also known as the Pagoda of Six Harmonies.

21. The stele records the reasons why Abbot Faxian built the pagoda.

22. The pinnacle of the pagoda caught the last of the sun.

23. The very sight of the Yanan Pagoda pleased us beyond description.

24. There is no dividing line between the pagoda and life outside.

25. Similarly, the Jagannath Temple in Puri was called the "White Pagoda".

26. In the background, among the trees , the pagoda of Pillaji loomed indistinctly.

27. The word "Pagoda" was introduced to Europe by the 17th century Portuguese.

28. Pagoda was originally white, but was painted red during the cultural revolution.

29. The new building incorporated the old Freedom House Pagoda within its design.

30. Zheng has developed his own management strategy which he calls "pagoda structure management".

31. A glimpse of Luoyang Bridge, Kaiyuan Temple, East - West Twin Pagoda, Nan Shaolin.

32. The major structures were the Plain Minaret of the Huaisheng Mosque, the Flower Pagoda of the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, and the guard tower known as the 5-Storey Pagoda.

33. 21 It is better to save one life than build a seven - tiered pagoda.

34. On the afternoon of September 25, 1924, the pagoda finally collapsed due to disrepair.

35. The amount of the food in pagoda is the esculent part of raw material.

36. Green belts including pagoda trees and maidenhair trees are being planted alongside the gymnasium.

37. However, some claim that the golden Sule Pagoda is the real centerpiece of Yangon.

38. In storm, lightning hits down pagoda tree though it is in rain and wind.

39. The Prime Minister presented a Bodhi Tree Sapling to the Chief Abbot of the Pagoda.

40. He just went to the pagoda until he met some one who spoke his dialect.

41. As I catch sight of the waves on the Weiming Lake or hear the bell ringing from the Boya Pagoda, pictures of the Lotus Pool and the Guangxiao Pagoda at sunset will frequently appear in my mind.

42. Ly Cong Uan , the founder king of the Ly dynasty had been educated in a pagoda .

43. On top of the pagoda, a white stone is placed together with ox and sheep horns.

44. When later, grown - up, I went to Hangzhou and saw this tottering pagoda, I felt uncomfortable.

45. In Ho Chi Minh City, police and members of the local civil defense force blocked Giac Hoa pagoda of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam and prohibited Venerable Thich Vien Hy and other monks from leaving the pagoda.

46. Near the Tea Cave which in Chankiang Junction next to the Slue Pagoda, there lived a family.

47. The guide pointed at a pagoda and told us that it was built hundreds of years ago.

48. After two years, he went into retreat at the Sac Tu Thien An pagoda near Nha Trang.

49. I knew the land climbed slightly upward in the direction of a pagoda somewhere in front of us.

50. A pagoda traditionally held to have been brought to Korea on her ship is located near her grave.