participant in English

a person who takes part in something.
eager students would become firsthand participants in an archaeological exploration

Use "participant" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "participant" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "participant", or refer to the context using the word "participant" in the English Dictionary.

1. Participant Media was the production company.

2. ‘participant’ or ‘direct participant’ means an entity that holds at least one PM account with a Eurosystem CB;

3. participant (or direct participant) means an entity that holds at least one PM account with a Eurosystem CB

4. I had finished six months participant observation.

5. Participant of Consecrating Wat Ling Khob Amulet.

6. So who will be the first participant?

7. defining of participant interdependencies with real-time feedback.

8. To participant in an inter-agency peer review

9. which participant will have access to what information.

10. Each participant was to pay his own expenses.

11. She is an active participant in this activity.

12. She was an unwilling participant in his downfall.

13. Okay, you're a participant in iron man triathlons?

14. A participant or privileged participant shall encipher any payment instruction it makes, and a payment instruction shall have effect once it is given.

15. Reyes is an active participant in the protest movement.

16. He has been an active participant in the discussion.

17. 3 She was an unwilling participant in his downfall.

18. Below Secondo Items Are For Duet Entry Participant Only.

19. She was a participant American Red Cross sessions about tuberculosis.

20. The research also uses other methodological approaches including participant observation.

21. Certification Maintenance Activity Report – Level I Participant Information File No.

22. Should any pipe burn, the jury will disqualify the participant.

23. Participant 30 children with TV torticollis and 30 normal children.

24. Candiani is an active participant in the international printmaking community.

25. CUSTOMER (Participant) Ultimate consumer, user, client, beneficiary or second party.

26. The engineer was an eager participant in technical co - operation.

27. He was participant of the 2009 Summer Universiade in Belgrade.

28. MAR is a participant in the national whale disentanglement network.

29. The participant observer in such a naturalistic framework really only observes.

30. The act of obtaining unsubsidized employment for or by a participant.

31. The prize shall be accepted "as is" by the winning participant.

32. Peano was a key participant, presenting a paper on mathematical logic.

33. Obviously, being a participant is more rewarding than being a spectator.

34. ◦ Alta Vista Salon - Floor 2 - (blue dots on participant name tags)

35. One who a mask, especially a participant a masquerade or masque.

36. Greek mythology a woman participant in the orgiastic rites of Dionysus.

37. The allocation is performed in such a manner that the additional period of the participant ranked earlier expires later than the additional period of the participant ranked later.

38. Participant and Activity Limitation Survey: A profile of disability in Canada, 2001.

39. The feedback the participant receives is detailed, behaviorally specific, and high quality.

40. Canada will be an active participant in that process as it evolves.

41. An individual resource requirement in Modeler maps to a participant in FileNet.

42. One who wears a mask , especially a participant in a masquerade masque.

43. A youthful teacher, he finds himself an unwilling participant in school politics.

44. 3 Greek mythology a woman participant in the orgiastic rites of Dionysus.

45. Apply the result enunciation, the article put forward of the participant define a method can biggest to build up the participant define of vivid, have a good applied foreground.

46. Subscribe to blogs that resonate with your heart and a frequent participant.

47. Another participant, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, is by comparison a trailblazer.

48. Information transfer between participant systems requiring recipient acknowledgment is routed through the moderator.

49. India has been an active participant of the Asia Europe Foundation since 2007.

50. She wrote: Philip presents as a compliant and willing participant in classroom activities.