passengers compartment|passenger compartment in English

section in a vehicle where passengers sit

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1. The battery compartment shall be separated from the passenger compartment and driver's compartment and ventilated to outside air.

2. The battery compartment shall be separated from the passenger compartment and driver's compartment and ventilated to outside air

3. Method for optimizing acoustic comfort in a mobile vehicle passenger compartment

4. When we entered the aft passenger compartment, it was divided in two.

5. Conclusion Ulnar compartment and radial compartment are half pinnate muscle, the force produced by ulnar compartment is more 1 times than radial compartment.

6. The freezing compartment is adjacent to the refrigerating compartment.

7. Spiral-compartment stacker

8. The rear passenger compartment alone is enough to make experienced cops get teary-eyed.

9. A refrigerator includes a refrigerating compartment (120), a freezing compartment (160), and a switching compartment (140) to store food items.

10. The door assembly selectively opens the refrigerating compartment and the freezing compartment.

11. Cool air ducts guide cool air from a freezing compartment to an ice compartment that is positioned at a refrigerating compartment door.

12. It consists of two compartments, a freezing compartment and a dry ice compartment.

13. The devices such as materials, seats, curtains, separation walls, etc. used in the passenger compartment.

14. access to the passenger compartment complies with the requirements of paragraph 7.6.3. for emergency doors."

15. A refrigerator including a refrigeration compartment and a freezing compartment is also provided.

16. The upper compartment may be coupled to the frame and disposed above the lower compartment.

17. You'll flood the whole compartment.

18. The engine compartment is soundproofed.

19. The air inlet fluidly connects the bearing compartment to an environment external to the compartment.

20. Flood the compartment, swim up.

21. Provided is a refrigerator, which includes a refrigerating compartment, a freezing compartment, and a door assembly.

22. To reduce interior noise of a passenger compartment measures are taken in the propagation route and the accepter.

23. Heating and ventilation and/or air conditioning device with a compact construction for a motor vehicle passenger compartment

24. Method and device for damping or amplifying a sound introduced into a passenger compartment of a motor vehicle

25. The storage compartment can be accessed via a storage compartment door which can contain a locking mechanism.