persuade|persuaded|persuades|persuading in English


[per·suade || pər'sweɪd /pə's-]

convince, induce, sway

Use "persuade|persuaded|persuades|persuading" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "persuade|persuaded|persuades|persuading" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "persuade|persuaded|persuades|persuading", or refer to the context using the word "persuade|persuaded|persuades|persuading" in the English Dictionary.

1. Bennett persuades his family to build a bomb shelter.

2. She persuades her lover to murder her husband.

3. Ashley's father persuades an attorney friend, David Singer to represent Ashley.

4. I've tried persuading her, but she won't budge.

5. I'm sure he'll come with a bit of persuading.

6. I.D.A. style) that persuades the other person to "buy into" your vision.

7. Somebody persuades him to approve civil use this batch why, feel indelicate.

8. They succeeded in persuading me to stay at home.

9. I've persuaded Han Xin to surrender

10. And this persuades the other party that they have no choice but go on conceding.

11. You try and persuade her .

12. She persuaded him with flattery.

13. She persuaded him to decamp.

14. Please try and persuade her.

15. We have succeeded in persuading many districts to desegregate voluntarily.

16. Apollos was exceptionally useful in persuading the Jews about Christ.

17. It takes side with the tempter[sentence dictionary], and persuades one to give in.

18. She persuaded him to tell the truth.

19. The other gods persuaded Ninhursag to relent.

20. We persuaded her to confess her crime.

21. Can she be persuaded to sell ?

22. My husband persuaded me to come.

23. We persuaded Jake to sing tenor.

24. Tommy persuaded me to keep the dog.

25. She was easily persuaded to accompany us.