pion in English

a meson having a mass approximately 270 times that of an electron.
The proton and the neutron are baryons; the electron, the muon, and the neutrino are leptons; whilst the pions are mesons.

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1. Two photons are created in the decay of the neutral pion.

2. The 2S7 Pion ("peony") or Malka is a Soviet self-propelled cannon.

3. During its brief existence, the pion carries momentum from one nucleon to the other.

4. It's not easy to kill a full-grown tree — especially one like the pion pine.

5. It turned out to be Pion, holding a tray of what had to be ... fruit, Masklin decided.

6. Gell-Mann, along with Maurice Lévy, developed the sigma model of pions, which describes low-energy pion interactions.

7. Pion helped Masklin down on to the ground, which seemed to him to be moving from side to side.

8. PION EER roller feeding system is searched, developed and manufactured by WINTOP in 200 It is a very stable feeding system with horizontal rollers.

9. Anderson and Neddermeyer at first believed that they had seen the pion, a particle which Hideki Yukawa had postulated in his theory of the strong interaction.

10. Methods The clinical dats of 38 cases (42eyes)with anterior ischemic optic neuropthy (AION) and 3 cases (5 eyes) posterior ischemic optic neuropthy (PION) were retrospectively analyzed.

11. The result indicates that the cut-off one pion exchange can produce the long distance interaction in the model and the result is more agreed with the experiment data than before.

12. Dr Learned and Dr Zee have come up with a design for a particle accelerator that would do the job a good deal more modestly, using another type of subatomic particle, the pion, as an intermediary.

13. Comparison of numerical results for the decay widths of A1→ρ+π, A1→π+γ and A1→ρ+π→3π (including interference effects) is made between the standard hard-pion current-algebra models and the current smoothness model of Vaughn.

14. Officer of the Order of Military Merit Captain(N) M.F. Kavanagh Captain(N) J.R. Payne Colonel J.N.D. Bouchard Colonel D. Brazeau Colonel J.G.J.-C. Collin Colonel P.J. Forgues Colonel D.J.P.Y. Gosselin Colonel F.J.U. Pion Commander A.J. Kerr Commander W.A. Woodburn Lieutenant-Colonel W.A. Adcock (Reserve) Lieutenant-Colonel J.J.-R.S. Bernier 1