pioneers in English

a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area.
The decision came a month before the start of the Winter Olympics in Utah and can be expected to put the spotlight on plural marriages that once thrived among Mormon pioneers who settled here.
develop or be the first to use or apply (a new method, area of knowledge, or activity).
he has pioneered a number of innovative techniques
a series of American space probes launched between 1958 and 1973, two of which provided the first clear pictures of Jupiter and Saturn (1973–79).

Use "pioneers" in a sentence

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1. Ragweed pioneers idle fields.

2. Early Pioneers of Rubber

3. The Pilgrim Fathers were pioneers.

4. Ho Chi Minh pioneers' organization

5. To pay homage to pioneers.

6. He is descended from pioneers.

7. A great contribution to this growth has been made by ardent pioneers, special pioneers, and missionaries.

8. Intrepid pioneers settled the American West.

9. Adjustment in Hour Requirements for Pioneers

10. The pioneers jumped at the chance.

11. My first examples are our Mormon pioneers.

12. The pioneers walked on with Jef trailing.

13. Pioneers get great joy from disciple making

14. They were pioneers in the field of microsurgery.

15. The Semitic peoples followed close upon these pioneers.

16. 18. (a) Why are pioneers usually effective ministers?

17. They are considered pioneers of Korean hip hop.

18. That same year, special pioneers came from Portugal.

19. Picasso and Braques were the pioneers of cubism.

20. 15 min: “Adjustment in Hour Requirements for Pioneers.”

21. Intrepid pioneers came to California by wagon train.

22. They were the pioneers of the American West.

23. As a result, many joined us as pioneers.”

24. The average of 636,202 pioneers worldwide proves this.

25. Special pioneers receive a modest allowance for living expenses.

26. What are some of the blessings that pioneers experience?

27. And it makes you ponder why those pioneers failed.

28. His grandfather was one of the pioneers of flying.

29. Sister Wirthlin is a direct descendant of Utah pioneers.

30. They are unwilling "pioneers of gentrification," says Mr Kuhn.

31. 18 Intrepid pioneers came to California by wagon train.

32. The pioneers were individualists. And theydid stand the gaff .

33. Dries and Jenny served as pioneers until they became parents.

34. The couple in France along with the six regular pioneers

35. These were the forerunners of today’s pioneers (full-time evangelizers).

36. Yuri Gagarin was one of the pioneers of space exploration.

37. Despite their youth, all three were rock-and-roll pioneers.

38. 16 A good number of pioneers are advanced in age.

39. The first group of foreign pioneers attending a language course

40. Last year there was a peak of 105,748 auxiliary pioneers.

41. Lured by the lust of gold,the pioneers pushed onward.

42. Mention some of the spiritual riches that regular pioneers acquire.

43. Another congregation with 94 publishers had 58 auxiliary pioneers reporting.

44. In the Beginning: Recollections of Software Pioneers, pages 134–153.

45. All of us took up full-time service as pioneers.

46. In all the turmoil, many early pioneers are nearly forgotten.

47. What fine prospect for additional service privileges do young pioneers have?

48. A heavy stockade around the cabins protected the pioneers from attack.

49. We are glad to have you as pioneers in our congregation”?

50. Let us recall the pioneers who made this technical marvel possible.