pious in English

devoutly religious.
Now the third important point related to government regulation is the aim of religion education is to develop pious and devout students.

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1. He's a pious adherent of Buddhism.

2. But these were merely pious hopes.

3. you pious old scoundrel.

4. Ella was a pious, earnest woman.

5. His father is a pious confessor.

6. This may be a pious hope.

7. He was a quiet, pious man.

8. Charles's parents were pious and uneducated folk.

9. Something about this pious supplication troubled her.

10. Quit the pious apologies - I know you don't really care.

11. Hasidim: The name means “pious ones” or “saints.”

12. 6 That might sound like an irritatingly abstract or pious plea.

13. He was brought up by pious female relatives.

14. 10 Charles's parents were pious and uneducated folk.

15. He dismissed his critics as pious do-gooders.

16. Alexander is a pious follower of the faith.

17. There are 613 commandments required of a pious Jew.

18. 1 Alexander is a pious follower of the faith.

19. Hawthorne is a pious Christian, and is deeply influenced by the theology.

20. My affianced is a very noble and pious man.

21. Mrs. Prodie is an excellent lady, kind - hearted, charitable, pious.

22. Missi were enthusiastically deployed by Charlemagne and Louis the Pious.

23. I hope that pious man will purge the devil out.

24. 19 Their pious religious belief enriches the dance with religious colors.

25. She is a pious follower of the faith, never missing her prayers.

26. To claim to have done so would be pious and self-serving.

27. Such reforms seem likely to remain little more than pious hopes.

28. What we need is not manifestos of pious intentions, but real action.

29. He stood in high favour at the court of Lewis the Pious.

30. You must keep me tormented with that cruelty you think so pious.

31. Lucien had believed commitment to the Vibrancy involved a strict and pious discipline.

32. 3 She is a pious follower of the faith, never missing her prayers.

33. Pious Muslims may also offer up a kidney to anyone who needs it.

34. The invisible powers of heaven seemed to militate on the side of the pious emperor.

35. Yet in the face of this particular story such sentiments can seem like pious claptrap.

36. All these agreements and ideas remain little more than pious hopes in the present climate.

37. Fisher found a superb clip of Bernard running rings round pious Esther Rantzen in 19

38. One could take it in a pious or even superstitious way and simply believe it unquestioningly.

39. The international community has so far salved its conscience by voicing a succession of pious hopes.

40. Louis the Pious, taking Charles with him(sentencedict .com), moved quickly to reassert his control.

41. Sashi and Sarat were two cousins who came from a pious brahmin family of Calcutta.

42. He dismissed his critics as pious do-gooders who were afraid to face the facts.

43. She was an old, garrulous a pawnbroker's widow , who collected used stamps for some pious purpose.

44. Despite being a genuinely pious Roman Catholic, Galileo fathered three children out of wedlock with Marina Gamba.

45. Followed by lachrymal, quasi-pious invocations of the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the meaning of democracy...

46. The tale is inherently a most unlikely one, uniting a pious lady with a pagan fertility ritual.

47. These “pious” ones are offering sacrifices and burning incense to false deities, which God’s Law condemns.

48. Given both these features, written policies are still likely to remain pious statements of intent unless supported by financial mechanisms.

49. Being a very pious churchgoer, she visits church, rain and voluntarily takes part in every ceremony.

50. Jerome in the year 1926, “a material Hell was still by most pious folks accepted as fact.