pip-squeaks in English

a person considered to be insignificant, especially because they are small or young.
I'm about average height now, I like to think, but I was a pipsqueak as a kid.

Use "pip-squeaks" in a sentence

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1. (Ball squeaks) Cool.

2. (Ball squeaks) Wow.

3. (Ball squeaks) Oh, that was cool.

4. (Ball squeaks) See this toy?

5. (Ball squeaks) Did you see that?

6. Program Interrupt Control Program (PIP).

7. She gives me the pip.

8. We heard the squeaks of the rocking chair.

9. (Ball squeaks) Hey Clara, this one's for you.

10. Pip has earned a premium here.

11. Ahab takes an interest in Pip.

12. Drop the pip-squeak to her death.

13. We heard the high-pitched squeaks of a gold crest.

14. (Ball squeaks) Now this one's for you to play.

15. His disgusting jokes gave everybody the pip.

16. His wishy - washy talk gave her the pip.

17. The house was filled with the cello's dismal squeaks and groans.

18. But Pip does little to protest this cruel fate.

19. pip, distemper, apoplexy, cholera, lime leg, and canker.

20. Dot wondered about the apple tree growing from a pip.

21. At the last pip it will be exactly six o'clock.

22. His Role: Melville has cast Pip in a dual role.

23. Apple is still a pip - squeak to the Wintel Goliath.

24. Pip acted as if he was better than everyone else.

25. They were only shadows making stifled noises, moans, squeaks, the final desperate gargle.