pipa in English

a shallow-bodied, four-stringed Chinese lute.
Since '96, Montreal has been home to Fang, her pipa (the Chinese lute) and the stack of awards and honours she picked up in her native China.

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1. Dou insisted on getting pipa strings.

2. Nanking! Nanking! A Threnody for Orchestra and Pipa.

3. Zhang began studying Pipa with her father at age

4. Solos were mostly played on the pipa or yangqin.

5. Gordon: I always wanted to know what a pipa was.

6. She wanted to play the pipa for Pu Sheng.

7. Pipa voice, till now still just this rings out.

8. The string of this pipa needs to be changed.

9. They went back to our brothel to get pipa strings.

10. He is playing a typical ancient tune for the Pipa.

11. Objective : To establish the quality standard for Chuanbei Qiangli Pipa Syrup.

12. PIPA and SOPA are not oddities, they're not anomalies, they're not events.

13. Liu Fang is a remarkable virtuoso of the pipa, a Chinese lute.

14. I used the flower brush to design the pattern on the pipa.

15. The score first appeared in a collection of Pipa Scores of 18

16. She excels on the pipa but is also wonderful on the guzheng.

17. Your two friends who went for the pipa strings, they weren't shot.

18. Objective To establish methods for the quality control of Juhong Pipa tablets.

19. The pipa is the most popular of China's many plucked stringed instruments.

20. The gamma ray spectrums provide the PIPA equipment with baseline data for analysis.

21. Instruments: Bang Di, Pipa, Stell Guitar, Elec. Piano, Dub. Bass, Ethnic Percussion.

22. The pipa is basically a small trailer with a tank of beer inside.

23. Another thing is PIPA is not sensitive to surface paint or surface conditions.

24. Molly: I am learning how to play the Chinese lute, also called a Pipa.

25. Lithe ribbon - dancers with zither - strumming and pipa - plucking ladies as backup? Done that.

26. PIPA is a new technology that could significantly change the way we inspect aircraft.

27. A simple and efficient way to prepare PIPA polyol was exploited according to the much attempt.

28. These climate changes are well comparable to the Pipa Lake, Caribbean Sea and the northern Sea.

29. Most traditional music by Pipa belongs to the pentatonic scale, and the speed is intermediate or slow.

30. 7 Most traditional music by Pipa belongs to the pentatonic scale, and the speed is intermediate or slow.

31. Medea and Zhao Wuniang are two abandoned women respectively in ancient Greek tragedian Euripides' tragedy Medea and classical Chinese tragedy The Story of the Pipa adapted by Gao Zecheng.

32. It emphatically introduces the evolution and performance of Notes of Pipa in local genres of drama and especially in gaoqiang tone system so as to show its variety and popularity.