pipe in English

a tube of metal, plastic, or other material used to convey water, gas, oil, or other fluid substances.
Roads, bridges, utility lines, water and sewer pipes , and other supporting services have to be rebuilt.
a narrow tube made from wood, clay, etc., with a bowl at one end for containing burning tobacco, the smoke from which is drawn into the mouth.
Household objects ranging from baskets to pipes for smoking tobacco are made out of bamboo.
convey (water, gas, oil, or other fluid substances) through a pipe or pipes.
water from the lakes is piped to several towns

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1. Pipe junctions, pipe couplings, pipe fittings, pipe valves, flange adapters

2. Metal pipe couplings, pipe fittings, pipe connectors, manually operated valves, flange adapters

3. Products: Precast concrete pipe . Precast concrete pipe.

4. Waste draining pipe, offlet or drain pipe should be connected to the main pipe; each pipe should connect two valves with the most possible short valve-to-valve pipe length.

5. When threading pipe, gauge pipe threads for size length to avoid jamming pipe against seat disc.

6. Pipe coupler

7. Pipe benders

8. Steel pipe socket and method for connecting steel pipe pile with steel pipe column using same

9. Pipes, pipe fittings, pipe couplers, pipe jackets, all the aforesaid goods for building and not of metal

10. Method for manufacturing anti-abrasive pipe, and pipe thereof

11. Pipe down.

12. 16 Connecting pipe, the pipe should have enough deformation allowance, avoid the pipe subjected to tensile force.

13. Pipes, pipe elbows, pipe clips, junctions of metal for pipes

14. Vices with pipe jaws are less likely to distort copper pipe: a pipe vice can usually be hired.

15. Sealing arrangement for a pipe connection, particularly an advance pipe connection

16. Pipe to Console

17. & Pipe to Terminal

18. Internal pipe coupler

19. Pipe to Console?

20. & Pipe to Console

21. Pipe Gas: Gas from coal mines and supplied through pipe line.

22. Pipe accessories, Flange adaptors, pipe fittings, junction couplings, and tapping saddles

23. Close the relevant valves on the pipe line and pipe line.

24. Pipe cutting machine

25. The utility model provides a pipe bending clamping mechanism for a helical type fluorescent lamp glass pipe bender. The pipe bending clamping mechanism comprises a glass pipe clamp.

26. Specially design co-extruding die, merely need to replace core mandril , it may produce solid-wall pipe, solid wall inner helix pipe foamed pipe and foam inner helix pipe.

27. Open the relevant valves on the pipe line and the pipe line.

28. Freeze protection method for heating pipe and hot water pipe of boiler

29. Replace "gas discharge pipe or the compensation pipe" by "vapour return piping".

30. Clean as below Using pipe cutters Place the pipe in the pipe cutters with the cutting wheel on your pencil mark.

31. My pipe pal, Destiny!

32. Roof air-vent pipe

33. What a pipe dream!

34. A pipe coupling adapted to support a pipe freely insertable into the coupling.

35. X denotes welding pipe rack. serial number refers the welding pipe rack number.

36. Pump inlet pipe diameter changes when level, should choose eccentric different-diameter pipe.

37. Aftercooler pipe support assembly

38. Pipe down, Angel cakes!

39. Mechanical joint pipe adapter

40. The water pipe burst.

41. You found my pipe.

42. Railway applications — Straight and angled end cocks for brake pipe and main reservoir pipe

43. We are replacing an eighty-year-old water pipe with a new water pipe.

44. Do you know anything else that's a cylinder? (light pipe, water pipe, glass, stovepipe ....

45. Pipe tee is a kind of indispensable pipe fitting for the pressure pipeline system.

46. This simple pipe clamp loads pipe sections of various diameters into a machine chuck.

47. Unable to impersonate using a named pipe until data has been read from that pipe.

48. A branching device connects a branch pipe to a main pipe through an orifice in the main pipe utilizing a saddle-like sealing member.

49. Initiating drill pipe pressure test.

50. He sat puffing his pipe.