pipe bomb in English

a homemade bomb, the components of which are contained in a pipe.
I've had recently, within the last ten days, a bomb placed - a pipe bomb placed at my house.

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1. Looks like a small pipe bomb attached to an umbrella

2. Black powder was used in the pipe bomb that caused the explosion, Daschle said.

3. The park has been closed since early Saturday, when the pipe bomb exploded during a free concert.

4. Dr. Cal Lightman: The ATF found a pipe bomb in a church basement in Lorton an hour later.

5. Police were also seeking a motive for an attempted pipe bomb attack on a house in Ballymoney, Co Antrim.

6. The man suspected of leaving a pipe bomb at a Colorado shopping mall is now in the custody of the FBI.

7. A pipe bomb hidden in a black backpack explodes in a park filled with people, injuring scores with shards of shrapnel.

8. LETHAL pipe bomb device, discovered under a woman's car in crumlin, may be connected to an on-going feud in the area.

9. Just ten days after the crash, we had an undisputed terrorist incident when a pipe bomb exploded at the Olympics in Atlanta, killing two people.

10. Firefighters found 2 propane tanks and a pipe bomb at a shopping mall in Denver, Corolado after a small fire broke out Wednesday, US media reported. Nearly 10,000 people were evacuated.