pipe rack in English

a rack for holding tobacco pipes.
In freshman wood shop class, when we were assigned to build a pipe rack for our dads, mine was so bad I ended up turning in a wooden paddle instead.
a rack made of piping on which clothes are hung, as in a store.

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1. X denotes welding pipe rack. serial number refers the welding pipe rack number.

2. Based on design practices, define space of fire proof pipe rack, and elaborate design principle of pipe rack of outside plant.sentence dictionary

3. Note particularly the side view, and the remarkable details, including the adjustable head rest, and the compartments for ashtray and integral pipe rack .

4. During the scaffold erection and when walking on the pipe rack, safety harness must be secured to the life line on the pope rack.

5. The swing arms are fastened to the inside structure of the mast, and permit the pipe rack to be low-ered from the stored position to the centerline of the drill string.