production line in English

an arrangement in a factory in which a thing being manufactured is passed through a set linear sequence of mechanical or manual operations.
Marie had worked on a factory production line before she became unemployed.

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1. Production line design, transfer machine design, PLC control, industrial production line.

2. Education is not a production line.

3. That's the finished production line there.

4. Has produces the normal temperature to maintain freshness specially the Ukraine winter noodles production line, The quick-freeze noodles production line and lives the fresh noodles production line.

5. 24 It initiated many apparatuses at home such as production line of sleeve-fish slice, production line of fish pieces and rotten fish, production line of fresh water savory broiled fish.

6. 1) She is a production line worker.

7. They first came off the production line in 19

8. You are going to computerize the entire production line?

9. That's a production line and a very fast one.

10. Implement daily check, include production line and operation safety.

11. The band steel coarseness processor can be easily arranged on the plastic steel downcomer production line without changing the operating condition of the production line.

12. Others are former production line supervisors who have been promoted.

13. Work on the production line is monotonous and lacks variety.

14. The manger wants us to crank up the production line.

15. This production line is made of bottle washing machine aci...

16. Cars are checked as they come off the production line.

17. They have excellent robotics and a hi - tech production line.

18. Coordinate the production line operation, increase the equipments operation rate.

19. Furthermore, defective products caused by production line delays can be reduced.

20. Supporting RF calibration, parameter validation and trouble shooting on production line.

21. The Dutch production line continued to produce aircraft under German control.

22. The production line involves a high degree of specialization of labour.

23. Furthermore, we can customize the pleating production line of different specifications.

24. Nawakille had become a squash production line, but this was no accident.

25. I. Name of Project: Gasoline Engine and Diesel Engine Turbocharger Production Line.

26. On the production line, downtime has been reduced from 55% to 26%.

27. Harman leads by example, putting his time in on the production line.

28. In corrugated board production line that is used for clamping base paper.

29. Today, well-managed production-line law services have begun to spring up.

30. This paper introduces the craft of the polyethylene bagging and production line.

31. The company introduced a fully automated production line, fully automatic machine CD.

32. Its Hydrobromic Acid production line boasts the most advanced techmology in China.

33. So then we went forward and built our production line in China.

34. Automatic slitter scorer is the key equipment of corrugated board production line.

35. Logistics management intelligent anti - counterfeiting : full track on production line, ensuring product quality.

36. It is an ideal machine for micro motor production line ( or single equipment ).

37. The thin edge slitter used for corrugated board production line can be provided.

38. Next year another 000 tons capacity production line will be put into operation.

39. Introduces anticorrosive design of the plant for the electrolytic zinc production line engineering.

40. We have a production line of organic chloride, silicide, nitride compounds and etc.

41. The thin edge slitter used to corrugated board production line can be provided.

42. 16 The float plate glass production line is the first level load of power supply. The power supply reliability affects seriously the normal operation and the economic efficiency of the production line.

43. We gave the machine a trial run before using it on the production line.

44. The team approach is used in every activity, not just on the production line.

45. It is an ideal machine for micro - motor production line or single equipment manufacturing.

46. I was allowed to work on my own rather than in the production line.

47. Interface equipment maintenance for semiconductor factory automation production line and components machining and manufacturing.

48. The mechanism is used to separate mats continuously for medium density fiberboard production line.

49. It is used in ignition coil production line and has better accuracy and repetition.

50. Companies specializing in the production of paper for Kok production line and cut Winder.