productive in English

producing or able to produce large amounts of goods, crops, or other commodities.
the most productive employees

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "productive" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "productive", or refer to the context using the word "productive" in the English Dictionary.

1. Till now, productive output productive capacity are increased yearyear.

2. Wasteland Becomes Productive.

3. The fundamental law of productive forces development is that advanced productive forces perpetually substitute and supercede backward productive forces.

4. 1 productive forces.

5. com/productive assets.html) constituting Urumqi petrochemical company made up of good productive assets.

6. This paper stated productive technology, productive modes, productive equipments and technical requirement and managemental patterns of Auricularia auricular with full-light cultivation.

7. This circs is not allowed in productive practice, even cause severe productive accident.

8. Redistributive struggles displace productive ones.

9. Training makes workers highly productive.

10. Un- is a productive prefix.

11. But what is productive time?

12. When Mr Non-Productive Employee gets a raise, it does a disservice to the productive employee.

13. It was a highly productive meeting.

14. Objective:To Improve Rifampicin Capsules productive craft.

15. High productive efficiency, good smoothness.

16. 5) When Mr Non-Productive Employee gets a raise, it does a disservice to the productive employee.

17. Moreover, disciplinary measures proved counter-productive.

18. Another productive field was the port.

19. He stayed in for two productive partnerships.

20. 5 When Mr Non-Productive Employee gets a raise, it does a disservice to the productive employee.

21. Theirs was a very productive partnership.

22. 16 Our and Marketing Plan rewards you - and again - for helping other distributors become productive and stay productive.

23. 7 We should reduce non-productive expenditure.

24. Contradictions within the productive process are ignored.

25. 21 The Java development experience is very optimal and productive, whereas the experience coding SQL is very primitive and non-productive.

26. In fact, his activities have been counter-productive."

27. The productive land withers; it is fading away.

28. God’s Word is like a productive diamond mine.

29. The meeting was productive of several good ideas.

30. They tried to keep down non-productive expenses.

31. We must emancipate the primary productive forces.

32. After training they became productive taxpaying citizens.

33. Education must be combined with productive labour.

34. It places human productive activity at forefront.

35. Similarly, users will be able to view and shift from non-productive ('cool') areas of research to productive 'hot' areas.

36. Since means of production and means of consumption normally re-enter the productive process, their consumption can be called productive consumption.

37. Efficiency refers to the productive use of resources.

38. 6 It was very negative and non-productive.

39. I look forward to a very productive dialogue.

40. The overwhelming majority are law-abiding and productive.

41. 8 Regularly getting rid of non-productive assets.

42. Dark Winter was a productive, virtual worst case.

43. The home team was not quite as productive.

44. There ensued a partial restoration of productive activity.

45. My time spent in the library was very productive.

46. The aim was to maximize the machine's productive capacity.

47. May guarantee the stable productive time and the quality.

48. 27 Baumol argued that changes of governmental incentive structure would affect the allocation of entrepreneurship between productive and non-productive activities.

49. • net societal accumulation of stocks of productive resources;

50. Systems of national accounts revealing unpaid productive work