prof. in English

a professor.
For the pittance they're paid, adjunct profs at our colleges might as well be sweatshop workers.
Prof. Smith

Use "prof." in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "prof." from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "prof.", or refer to the context using the word "prof." in the English Dictionary.

1. Prof. Gish: That is true.

2. Prof Swaran Singh President AAS

3. Other academicians, among them Harvard Prof.

4. Under the revised law, says Prof.

5. Prof. Joachim Blum, Media Consultant, Germany.

6. We're lunching with Prof. White today.

7. Another eminent exponent of the subject Prof.

8. 4 Other academicians, among them Harvard Prof.

9. Prof. John Willis is our teacher of English.

10. We deeply cherish the memory of Prof. Wu.

11. There was no prof it in these thoughts.

12. Prof. of Dentistry: Kiss is infectious and antiseptic.

13. The prof had been damn decent about it.

14. Prof. McCullough : The mechanism is certainly multi - factorial.

15. Some students attended Prof. Jones on a field trip.

16. Prof. Thomson is one scholar of the highest attainment.

17. Companies ask him all the time, Prof. Eccles says.

18. Still , some empirical data are beginning to emerge. Prof.

19. Yes. I really appreciate what you've said, Prof. Keller.

20. Prof. Simmons will talk on the benefits of genetic research.

21. You could even work as a prof at the academy.

22. 15 Prof. Bough formally informed the students of the date.

23. Prof. Dr. Janet W. Salaff, Department of Sociology, University of Toronto ...

24. Following the presentations Prof Ward spoke about chemistry and the environment.

25. "I think this was a sound decision," concurred Prof. Barbara Stevens.

26. Prof. of Zoology: Kiss is the interchange of unisexual salivary bacteria.

27. Timiras will be followed Monday, Nov. with a free lecture by Prof.

28. Prof. Chenggang Xu, Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics

29. As a financial analyst, Prof. Mizuno of Economics Department is highly recommended.

30. Prof. von Krafft-Ebing Anna smouldered with indignation on poor Sophie's behalf.

31. Prof Smith gives a good account of an out - and - out coward.

32. " Workers carry out different tasks at different ages , " explained Prof Francis Ratnieks .

33. 10 Prof Nueno is also co-founder and board chairman of Ceibs.

34. Prof. of Psychology: Kiss is the retention phenomenon of the oral stage.

35. And valid argument with true premises Student: yes Prof: yep well done.

36. The award recognises Prof MacFarlane's pioneering work in computing and control theory.

37. Mumbai - born Prof Keller has crossed bridges in more ways than one.

38. An explosion model of Gamma Ray as proposed by Prof K . S.

39. Despite his international acclaim, Prof Gibson never lost sight of his roots.

40. When winter vacation came , Prof. Carcassonne went home to visit his mother.

41. Prof Eno took us aside and explained about mummy rabbits and daddy rabbits.

42. Single room in lovely flat, roof terrace, non-smoking prof.,( woman pref.

43. Prof: I guess you'll have to take them on faith,[sentencedict .com] son.

44. "To talk about dysfunction implies some abnormality within the women, " Prof Ussher said.

45. European Algebraic Geometry Conference, Warwick, Coventry (GB), July 1996 (6 days); Contact: Prof.

46. Best bets are pain killers like acetaminophen, hot drinks and decongestant sprays, says Prof.

47. You can't discuss climate change, Prof. Laughlin says, without looking backward across geologic time.

48. But a little scarcity will triumph over a price image, says Stanford's Prof. Shiv.

49. Prof Hull tries to bring equations to life by including actual figures in them.

50. The theory for the cold fusion mechanism is proposed early in 1989 by Prof.