professionals in English

a person engaged or qualified in a profession.
professionals such as lawyers and surveyors
synonyms: white-collar workeroffice worker

Use "professionals" in a sentence

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1. Prompter Peoplewas founded by video production professionals for video production professionals.

2. They're trained professionals.

3. Motivating Technical Professionals Today.

4. Small ski run for professionals.

5. But not all professionals subscribe to the view that disabled people are unsuitable as health professionals.

6. * Wise counseling through trained professionals.

7. We'll deliver that crate like professionals.

8. Professionals in the city good pay.

9. There are also some skilled professionals.

10. Now do I hire seasoned professionals?

11. No professionals participated in the contest.

12. Professionals and non-professionals will have access to more effective training, based on nationally shared information and resources.

13. for professionals, This is a real mess.

14. China's mental - health professionals still fall short.

15. All three women are highly trained professionals.

16. Most professionals were a deferential, biddable lot.

17. It's a volunteer army with no paid professionals.

18. The sales campaign was beamed at young professionals.

19. But some professionals will want money in advance.

20. You're all professionals on top of your game.

21. Judges are both public officer and legal professionals.

22. 15) Computer professionals design computer hardware and related equipment.

23. Improved safety protection, fault indication, maintenance service without professionals.

24. That includes 13,412 special agents and 20,420 support professionals, such as intelligence analysts, language specialists, scientists, information technology specialists, and other professionals.

25. It's a team packed with experienced and mature professionals.

26. Suitable occupations: Sportsman , sociable professionals, solver of difficult problems.

27. Our chemical plant hires both domestic and overseas professionals.

28. This chemical plant hires both domestic and overseas professionals.

29. Mental-health professionals can treat many mental-health disorders successfully.

30. The tournament is open to amateurs as well as professionals.

31. Normally, professionals such as accountants and lawyers form LLP's.

32. The tournament is open to both amateurs and professionals.

33. Complete reliance upon medical professionals can therefore be dangerous.

34. For trainers or practising professionals needing a refresher course.

35. Read more about tetanus in the factsheet for health professionals .

36. Administration of certification and recertification programs for business analysis professionals

37. Pet grooming professionals clean and groom pets, among other services.

38. 8 The party wishes to broaden its support among professionals.

39. Cardiologists and other medical professionals have also formed surfing groups.

40. However, RSI doesn't just involve hi-tech professionals using keyboards.

41. Professionals have to be wary of applying their own standards.

42. It might result only in enriching attorneys and other professionals.

43. 25 A handful of professionals are admitted as honorary members.

44. This is because short professionals tend to concentrate their firepower.

45. Specifically, 72% of sales and marketing professionals agree on this statement.

46. Talking with professionals involved in your care can soothe preoperative jitters.

47. These professionals were considered gentlemen athletes, just as the amateurs.

48. You can learn much from medical professionals and reliable publications.

49. Hence the fierce resistance among the professionals to limited liability.

50. A team of professionals were let loose on the project.