professions in English

a paid occupation, especially one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification.
his chosen profession of teaching
an open but often false declaration or claim.
a profession of allegiance

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1. Professions can be unlearnt.

2. In some regions, specific professions are associated with matchmaking.

3. Sexism still works against women in many professions.

4. Some students enter other professions such as arts administration.

5. Instead, particular professions try to improve their individual staffing position.

6. 4 Some students enter other professions such as arts administration.

7. 3 Such professions may seem to go ill with me.

8. A university degree has become a requisite for entry into most professions.

9. Neither professions nor possessions should define identity or self-worth.

10. (d) the regulation and oversight of the audit and accountancy professions;

11. 1 In some professions, niceness does not get you very far.

12. Women account for # % of the professions, but only # % of company managers

13. Until recently secretarial work and nursing were very much pink-collar professions.

14. Department of Labor statistics indicate it's one of the fastest-growing professions.

15. And they're starting to dominate lots of professions -- doctors, lawyers, bankers, accountants.

16. The term is frequently used in this sense in the design professions.

17. Also cosmopolitan in outlook are a variety of traditional professions, particularly university lecturers.

18. (eds): Comparative studies of Continental and Anglo-American professions, Goteborg studies in sociology No.

19. Combined, the regulated professions account for about 20% of the Canadian workforce.

20. Women account for 25% of the professions, but only 8.6% of company managers.

21. By contrast, the professions of journalism and politics continue to be closely allied.

22. Membership is comprised chiefly of humans of the warrior, paladin and priest professions.

23. The government's professions of commitment to the environment seem less believable every day.

24. Vocational training was offered in professions such as accountancy, information technology and carpentry.

25. In contrast, the number of people working in more agricultural-based professions decreased.

26. In bourgeois society, the professions hover on the margin between tradesmen and gentlemen.

27. In the State of Texas, they regulate 515 professions, from well- driller to florist.

28. At that time being a woman was a bar to promotion in most professions.

29. Some stigma stones will have the same effect but be restricted to special professions.

30. In fact, in many professions, important business transactions are initiated at a social event.

31. The product applies in professions and so on metallurgy, petrification, electric power, ships, wharf, cement.

32. Membership is only open to members of the tax, accountancy and legal professions.

33. Putting to death was a recipe in vogue with all trades and professions.

34. First, there are the changes in the professions themselves which necessitate changes in professional education.

35. The architectural and surveying professions have also amended their rules to allow competition on fees.

36. In 19 the federal Bureau of Health Professions financed geriatric education centers in 31 states.

37. In many professions women have yet to achieve anything like parity at the higher levels.

38. That legislation applied to all employers, including those in the legal and accounting professions.

39. Various reasons are given for the apparent glass ceiling women hit in many professions.

40. Various disciplines were represented including educationalists, psychologists, doctors and others in associated medical professions.

41. 24 Many of the professions throughout these levels are vulnerable to wholesale substitution by machine intelligence.

42. Barbering is one of China's oldest professions - one that requires high skill levels from its practitioners.

43. 8 Some former students have entered other professions such as librarianship or arts administration.

44. Many professions feel they deserve higher pay, and nurses are a case in point.

45. Chartered accountants and auditors are two distinct professions, regulated and represented by different professional organisations.

46. It was rooted in a cast of mind raised to an ethic in the professions.

47. (b) activities of a commercial character; (c) (d) activities of craftsmen; activities of the professions.

48. The Bureau’s report focuses on five professions: accountants, lawyers, optometrists, pharmacists and real estate agents.

49. Many of the professions throughout these levels are vulnerable to wholesale substitution by machine intelligence.

50. Enforcement Stress All law enforcement agents must deal with a stress load not found in other professions.