professors in English

a teacher of the highest rank in a college or university.
They supported charitable foundations, gave money to local hospitals and churches, subsidized chairs for university professors .
synonyms: prof tenured faculty member dean full/assistant/associate professor instructor lecturer doctor scholar academic
a person who affirms a faith in or allegiance to something.
the professors of true religion

Use "professors" in a sentence

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1. Retired, Full professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Adjunct Professors, Students.

2. Professors J.

3. "Adjunct professors".

4. Two of the American professors teaching here at Fudan are Fulbright Professors.

5. "Two University Professors appointed".

6. Students revere the old professors.

7. I beg your pardon, Professors.

8. Most professors incline towards this theory.

9. University professors both teach and undertake research.

10. Why are professors stereotyped as absent-minded?

11. 22 The professors were robed in gowns.

12. 14 Custodians, clerical workers, food handlers, professors.

13. Questionable behavior extends to professors and administrators.

14. Also patron of confessors, professors, and theologians.

15. Your friends, your family, your law professors.

16. Scientists are often caricatured as absent-minded professors.

17. There's a policy against fraternizing with the professors.

18. Most professors unbend outside the lecture theatre.

19. Some of my professors at college were pretty warped.

20. In 19 only 2% of British professors were female.

21. He is one of the most cited law professors.

22. Today the conservatoire teaching staff includes about 200 professors.

23. 9 Oops, just kidding about the computer-science professors.

24. She has/shows/feels great reverence for her professors.

25. 13 Timetabling has also helped endear professors to the changes.

26. In 1986 32% of Saudi Arabian university professors were women.

27. He also finds that he enjoys needling the pompous professors.

28. At the party even the professors unbent and told jokes.

29. 14 That whiz kid knows more than some university professors.

30. The final exam is set by a board of professors.

31. Undergraduate majors form the bulk of most economic professors' workloads.

32. He does not think much of the students or professors either.

33. The Professors and I left them to it and ran landward.

34. Porter is disdainful of professors he believes are incompetent or lazy.

35. 3 He does not think much of the students or professors either.

36. Two professors injured, an advertising executive and a timber industry lobbyist killed.

37. Professors, for the most part, are firmly committed to teaching, not research.

38. Rich people , poor people , athletes , math geeks , CEOs and professors get STD.

39. Teachers usually are pretty spineless , but you university professors are even worse.

40. Sagittarius are also philosophical and are well - suited as lawyers, professors and ministers.

41. Chinese professors were accustomed to hierarchy; Mr. Salvendy insisted on open-collared informality.

42. I have had my difficulties, after all, with museum curators and eminent professors.

43. We know that professors are less likely to help female or minority students.

44. Like the British public, the American professors think chief executives are ludicrously overpaid.

45. A student comes to a young professors office hours . Sheglancesdown the kneels pleadingly.

46. Ninety- five percent of our professors report that they are above- average teachers.

47. The age of retirement of University Professors has been recently raised to 60.

48. The views of many of the senior professors reflect outmoded concepts and ideas.

49. Hematological , director of Army General Hospital doctors, professors, graduate student instructors, post - doctoral.

50. 10 Into his life walks the daughter of one of the full professors.