Use "proficiency" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "proficiency" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "proficiency", or refer to the context using the word "proficiency" in the English Dictionary.

1. He made little proficiency in literary accomplishments.

2. High proficiency in computer operation.

3. His proficiency as a surgeon is well known.

4. 2 He made little proficiency in literary accomplishments.

5. Nick's proficiency with computers is well-known.

6. The students' proficiency in speaking English is also tested.

7. I brought her proficiency up to the required level.

8. Proficiency Course in Esperanto and a Guidebook to Esperanto Culture).

9. The key to acquiring proficiency in any task is repetition.

10. He taught himself to carve to a high degree of proficiency.

11. Customization – Allot skill points towards tracking, stealth lures, or weapon proficiency.

12. The test results were used as an index of language proficiency.

13. This steam iron can Be applied with high proficiency.

14. He will not expect miracles, only a reasonable standard of proficiency.

15. You might wanna give us a job that requires less technical proficiency.

16. 13 Proficiency in computer applications, word processing capability, standard Mandarin.

17. Breadth of knowledge will be more important than technical proficiency.

18. Others achieved considerable proficiency and could carry on extended conversations.

19. He acquired greater proficiency after a three-month intensive course.

20. Unless she's turned on by her proficiency with the spittoon.

21. The principal component, as always, is lack of language proficiency.

22. He spent days just gaining a proficiency with the typewriter.

23. Ensure the inspection quality by review inspection report, implement proficiency testing.

24. A reasonable proficiency in English is a prerequisite for the course.

25. Caldwell passed a high-school proficiency test and left home at

26. 22 You need some proficiency in book-keeping for this job.

27. Evidence of basic proficiency in English is part of the admission requirement.

28. Extreme contempt for their English proficiency, so I decided to hard up!

29. His main relief was farming, which he engaged in with considerable proficiency.

30. How do you think of your proficiency in written and spoken English?

31. Creepage distance is an important test item of safety test and international proficiency test.

32. It said in the job ad that they wanted proficiency in at least two languages.

33. Academic-year scholarship candidates must also pass a language proficiency exam determined by the Foundation.

34. Integration in society is the best guarantee for achieving the necessary language proficiency

35. In turn, increased proficiency can make his job more secure, or it may result in advancement.

36. 5 A high level of proficiency in English is a requirement for the Teaching Fellow position.

37. When Rexxar engages an opponent , his animalistic nature grants him even greater proficiency in single combat.

38. Proficiency is increasing in contract work and staff have specialist knowledge of such one off tasks.

39. Scores language proficiency , academic background knowledge and academic reading were analyzed by four multiple linear regressions.

40. Learners use of the definite article is an important index of their English language proficiency.

41. CELPE-Bras (Portuguese: Certificado de Proficiência em Língua Portuguesa para Estrangeiros, "Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners") is the only certificate of proficiency in Brazilian Portuguese as a second language officially recognized and developed by the Brazilian Ministry of Education.

42. It must be ensured that the aircrew and cabin crew meet the requirements for proficiency and experience.

43. She soon acquired proficiency not only in her own language but in English and Sanskrit as well .

44. Don't get depressed - bird identification is difficult and there is no quick way to proficiency.

45. Once children have achieved a certain proficiency as a reader, they prefer to read silently.

46. (c) participating in comparative testing (proficiency testing) between the various national laboratories referred to in (a);

47. (2) complete a proficiency check in accordance with Appendix 9 to this Part, in the relevant aircraft category.

48. If it rains, there will be aerobics and make up morning, followed by indoor cycling proficiency.

49. Memorability: When users return to the design after a period of not using it, how easily can they reestablish proficiency?

50. Calculation and numerical analysis from programming educesaccurate measurement of creepage distance in complicated structure, thereby strengthening the proficiency test ability.