profile in English

an outline of something, especially a person's face, as seen from one side.
the man turned and she caught his profile
a short article giving a description of a person or organization.
a profile of a Texas tycoon
describe (a person or organization, especially a public figure) in a short article.
he was to profile each candidate

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1. & Change Profile

2. Edit Profile " %# "

3. Profile view insights appear on your Business Profile under the "You manage this Business Profile" section.

4. The OMG currently offers three profiles: the Default profile, the Default Component profile, and the Default Web Service profile.

5. Bluetooth Fax Profile

6. Basic Profile Options

7. "Seiyuu Profile Database".

8. Ac magnetic field magnetic profile measuring device and magnetic profile measuring method

9. No default profile set. Please use the Profile Wizard to set a default profile before running the Message File Conversion Wizard.

10. CBF Profile (in Portuguese)

11. "Player Profile Steve Cowe".

12. " The Profile of Liaodong ".

13. First, create a profile.

14. Belief in the profile.

15. Conflicts in the profile.

16. On the Add/Edit Configuration Profile screen select a profile and name it.

17. Maintain security profile alpha.

18. Current workspace color profile

19. You fit a profile.

20. He drew her profile.

21. No work profile lock.

22. The profile this symlink points to is the profile to which your system adheres.

23. You can only close a payments profile if you're the admin or profile owner.

24. To delete your work profile go to Settings > Accounts > Remove work profile.

25. Age-price or depreciation profile

26. Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking Profile

27. Er, standard domestic profile installed.

28. His psychological profile is revealing.

29. Retrieved 10 June 2017. profile

30. The profile is almost complete.

31. Draft risk profile: alpha hexachlorocyclohexane

32. The same profile in Japan.


34. If you’re using your profile for personal payments, we recommend only creating one payments profile.

35. Risk profile on alpha hexachlorocyclohexane

36. They've been keeping alow profile

37. Dani has a lovely profile.

38. The panels are supportive structures made with steel profile mechanically joined to the aluminium vertical profile.

39. Profile owner—The device has a managed work profile that’s separate to the user's personal space.

40. Even now, he had a stern, still handsome profile, the profile of an absolutist, a romantic.

41. Virtual profiles: a preliminary overview Intentional/active profile An online intentional profile can take many forms.

42. The install program then launches a GUI profile creation tool (PCT) that creates the initial profile.

43. The field profile observation, indoor geological profile analysis, seismic profile analysis and the fission-track dating were used to study the formation age of dustpan fault depression.

44. The crank mechanism provides a smooth lancing profile as well as facilitates adjustments to the lancing profile.

45. Kim Dong-sub at J.League (in Japanese) Profile at Korean Football Association Profile at (in Japanese)

46. To close your Google payments profile:

47. Invalid color profile has been removed

48. 24 Dani has a lovely profile.

49. Figure 5.12-9 illustrates the tunnel plan and profile, including the geological profile along the tunnel alignment.

50. Please select a blog profile first