profiles in English

an outline of something, especially a person's face, as seen from one side.
the man turned and she caught his profile
a short article giving a description of a person or organization.
a profile of a Texas tycoon
describe (a person or organization, especially a public figure) in a short article.
he was to profile each candidate

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1. Aluminium alloy bars, rods, profiles and hollow profiles (excluding rods and profiles prepared for use in structures)

2. Domains are displayed only in child profiles, not parent profiles.

3. List available profiles

4. PVC Profiles, Sanitaryware, Building Material, Bricks and Tiles, Ceramic Tile, PVC Profiles.

5. Biology profiles to do.

6. You blew their profiles.

7. Profiles, punched profiles, angles, plates, gauze, pipes, threaded rods, all of aluminium and steel

8. Lightweight steel construction profiles, in particular purlins, bars, reversible profiles, ventilator crowns, fanlight frames, panels, eaves gutters, special profiles, perforated and notched, designed or modelled special profiles and sheet metal structures

9. More about payments profiles

10. Profiles for wood-aluminium windows, profiles for wood-aluminium conservatories, post-and-beam constructions

11. Aluminium bars, rods and profiles (excluding rods and profiles prepared for use in structures)

12. Note: Individual profiles can no longer invite people to join or manage their profiles.

13. Did we misjudge the profiles?

14. Aluminium bars, rods and profiles

15. Note: Merchants cannot remove their profiles.

16. Stable, special profiles welded chassis and tilting chassis frame from special profiles with integrated V-Zugdeichsel ...

17. Lacquered aluminium profiles, namely multi-chamber hollow profiles for heat exchangers, air conditioning installations, condensers, vaporisers, oil coolers

18. Compiling, creating, storing and maintaining databases of hearing test results, hearing profiles, and psycho-acoustic profiles

19. Abrasive flap wheel with custom profiles

20. Value maximisation – how to build capital risk profiles and the use of these profiles to dive value improvement?

21. Aluminium profiles, namely multi-chamber hollow profiles for heat exchangers, air conditioning installations, condensers, vaporisers, oil coolers

22. CPA 24.42.22: Aluminium bars, rods and profiles

23. Advertisement columns and profiles, not of metal

24. 7604 // Aluminium bars, rods and profiles.

25. Aluminum systems, aluminum profiles and steel constructions

26. Aluminium and steel pipes, sheets and profiles

27. List including vanished names, with clan profiles.

28. List of living names, with clan profiles.

29. Metal and aluminium fasteners, including nails, screws, fixing profiles, including profiles for fixing wall linings to a facade

30. Metal building materials, namely corner and base profiles, reinforcing woven material, protective angles and brackets, drip edge profiles and staff angles

31. Beams, Perches, Rails, Beading, Profiles,Angles and corners

32. Detachable structures and profiles of metal or aluminium

33. Machines for working profiles of PVC and aluminium

34. Manufacture of plastic plates, sheets, tubes and profiles

35. 14 Sequential sulphate and chloride profiles behave similarly.

36. I draw, wet profiles on the window pane.

37. Profiles and evaluations are an inexact science.

38. Sequential sulphate and chloride profiles behave similarly.

39. Conformance profiles are applied at program design time.

40. Should you create custom user profiles or not?

41. All profiles convex to super-convex; exceptional muscle development

42. Aluminum, steel and metal profiles, plates and tubes

43. Machines for manufacturing adhesive profiles and skirting boards

44. Consideration of draft risk profiles on: alpha hexachlorocyclohexane

45. These parameters are described as age-efficiency profiles.

46. Profiles and angle irons of plastic or wood

47. Google payments profiles keep information, including the following:

48. A newspaper published profiles of the candidates' wives.

49. Specifically, thread pitch and tooth profiles are independently variable.

50. Profiles of major digital radio vendors are also included.