profiling in English

the recording and analysis of a person's psychological and behavioral characteristics, so as to assess or predict their capabilities in a certain sphere or to assist in identifying a particular subgroup of people.
There's no psychological profiling or involuntary behavioural modification going on here, just a cassette playing a muffled selection of old dance anthems, the hits of Ibiza '97.
describe (a person or organization, especially a public figure) in a short article.
he was to profile each candidate
represent in outline from one side.
he was standing motionless, profiled on the far side of the swimming pool

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1. Profiling requires belief.

2. Racial profiling absolutely must be addressed.

3. Interrogation's the most dynamic form of profiling.

4. What exactly is Personality Profiling - Competency Analysis?

5. In the other block, acoustic profiling along 13 lines and video profiling along 17 lines were completed during the year.

6. DNA profiling has aided the struggle against crime.

7. Profiling is not just about checking off the facts.

8. This job does require a little bit of profiling.

9. Continuous adjustable backing bar for profiling coater blade

10. The profiling mechanism is important in the planter.

11. The profiling dialog box is integrated with the run dialog, and pre-defined profiling sets are available to users, as shown in Figure

12. Do you find yourself profiling people on the street?

13. Client-based location awareness uses an IP-based profiling mechanism.

14. Shelter supply, income generating activities and district profiling (2002).

15. Facial profiling is a new form of airport security.

16. A truing and dressing machine for profiling an abrasive wheel.

17. What happened to the moratorium on inter-team profiling, guys?

18. ObjectiveTo construct an expression profiling of human pancreatic juice protein.

19. How could racial profiling exist if most everyone looks the same?

20. That thought scares some. What happens when genetic profiling goes mainstream?

21. Local police deny that have used racial profiling when stopping motorists.

22. I appreciate your interest, agent, but... profiling is a specialty.

23. Across the country we are actively talking about racial profiling.

24. It is also known as genetic fingerprinting or DNA profiling.

25. Thanks for approving the budget for the behavior profiling software I requested.

26. 21 "DNA Profiling or "Genetic Fingerprinting" is a major advancement in forensics.

27. "DNA Profiling or "Genetic Fingerprinting" is a major advancement in forensics.

28. Magnetic profiling for the reconstruction of crustal ages and plate tectonics;

29. Peptide nucleic acid probes, kits and methods for expression profiling of micrornas

30. Have I told you yet I don't place much stock in profiling?

31. Profiling enables the generation of automatic decision support data ( DSD ) to enhance investigation.

32. But Hispanics and others say it could still lead to racial profiling.

33. They worry about giving rogue officers a convenient tool for racial profiling.

34. That case sparked a nationwide outcry about racial profiling and police brutality.

35. This profiling process can go on for as long as two or three weeks.

36. Citing security, officials have declined to offer specifics on how profiling would work.

37. 9 Objective To develop appropriate conditions for profiling cell proteome of Myxococcus xanthus.

38. • Coordinating outreach activities profiling the Canada-U.S. defence relationship for U.S. and Canadian stakeholders.

39. Many schools are now looking at the whole issue of profiling and records of achievement.

40. Crowley was selected by a black police lieutenant to teach fellow officers about racial profiling.

41. The plan by profiling cam forming process cycloidal gear in type Y54A gear shaping machine.

42. But genetic profiling could let physicians know immediately which patient will respond to which drug.

43. Simultaneous multielement profiling analysis could be performed for film and bulk material with the system.

44. Citing security, officials have declined to offer specifics on how profiling would work.

45. The software relies on artificial intelligence tools for company profiling to tailor decision support.

46. Performance profiling the first executable. Reassigning each function to said plurality of memories based on the profiling results. Building a second executable, wherein the functions are reassigned using indirect addressing featuring a vector table.

47. But the method proposed goes hand in hand with the method of assessing individuals by profiling.

48. The St. Vincent Amazon panot is only the latest threatened animal to benefit from genetic profiling.

49. The matter mushroomed into a debate on racial profiling, fueled by Obama's "acted stupidly" remark.

50. On the sub-bottom profiling, the pipeline's reflection has strong diffraction which shows "Crescent-shaped".