profit margin in English

the amount by which revenue from sales exceeds costs in a business.
Go to the income statement again to find the gross profit margin , which is revenue less cost of revenue.
    margin of profit

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1. What parameters constitute a reasonable profit margin?

2. Our profit margin is already wafer-thin.

3. Your profit margin is down in Argentina.

4. The profit margin had been artificially inflated.

5. The possibility of a high gross profit margin.

6. 2005 fastigium , profit margin can be achieved 50%.

7. 6 The profit margin had been artificially inflated.

8. Matching Google's profit margin was never the object, however.

9. A thirty percent discount would slash our profit margin.

10. The corporation's bottom line is a good profit margin.

11. Profit Margin An indicator of profitability, It is calculated as net earnings after taxes divided by revenues. Profit margin is usually displayed as a percentage.

12. No additional profit margin was attributed to the manufacturing subsidiary.

13. Shopkeepers and retailers are becoming more and more profit margin oriented.

14. The net profit margin would be 1 to 3 per cent.

15. Superhigh profit margin, it is one of characteristics of network game.

16. The group had a net profit margin of 30% last year.

17. Apple was forced to cut prices sharply, reducing its profit margin.

18. The net profit margin would be 2.1 to 2.3 per cent.

19. The health ministry has fixed the pharmacists' profit margin at 10 %.

20. Their profit margin is enormous and their revenues increase every year.

21. The average profit margin in the chemical industry is around 10 %.

22. Within 10 years they had a gross profit margin of 50%.

23. The profit margin in advertising is surprisingly low, currently about 1-2%.

24. The computer company had a net profit margin of 30 % last year.

25. The goal of the partnership is to improve his company's profit margin.

26. Reduce the rate of revenue decline, gross profit margin continued to improve.

27. A net profit margin of at least 10 percent is considered good.

28. After - tax profit margin is the ratio of net income to net sales.

29. Chinese pharmaceutical makers' lower net profit margin suggests their operations are less efficient.

30. No profit margin can be more reasonable to use than the actual margin.

31. Forprofit service companies build a 50% gross profit margin into their pricing strategies in order to have a 3-5% net profit margin at the end of the year—their definition of success.

32. They pass on their cost of borrowing and add to it their profit margin.

33. Its gross profit margin rose to 5 percent from 2 percent a year earlier.

34. Bhagheeratha alleged that the evidence supported an actual profit margin of 11.29 per cent.

35. The computer has been programmed ( to calculate the gross profit margin on all sales ).

36. In addition, it does not prove that the profit margin used is not reasonable.

37. Gross profit margin was 7% compared to 5% for the same period last year.

38. The profit margin on hardware sales for the first quarter was a dismal 29%.

39. The value chain consists of primary and support activities that together produce the profit margin.

40. Our price is already narrowly calculated and it leaves ur only a small profit margin.

41. Does the budget carry to retaining a firm the action of battalion profit margin how?

42. His backup was cement, and he knew exactly what profit margin to expect on it.

43. By contrast, Pfizer Inc. had an average 20% net profit margin from 2006 to 2010.

44. For the banks, the monetary policy adjustment will greatly reduce the bank's net profit margin.

45. Secondly, they explained that the actual profit margin of the related importer was reliable and reasonable.

46. For the reasons given above, the Commission considers that a profit margin of 5 % is reasonable.

47. Gross profit margin is expected to keep at 5% level on the trend of rising price.

48. The net profit margin approaches 39 percent as compared to 28 percent in corresponding Fiscal Year.

49. The same result may occur even if the tenant does not consciously reduce his profit margin.

50. Steel, aluminum and other raw materials prices will help enhance the company's products gross profit margin.