profited in English

obtain a financial advantage or benefit, especially from an investment.
the only people to profit from the entire episode were the lawyers
synonyms: make money make a profitrake it in clean up make a killing make a bundle make big bucksmake a fast/quick buck

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1. Investors buying these new issues also profited handsomely.

2. I profited enormously from working with her.

3. Millions have profited from his account.

4. He obviously hasn't profited by his experiences.

5. Who profited most from this lucrative trade?

6. Farmers with many acres under cultivation profited.

7. The dealers profited shamefully at the expense of my family.

8. Music companies have profited from the dominance of CDs over vinyl records.

9. It profited from their energy and their accumulated capital.

10. Already powerful, Ieyasu profited by his transfer to the rich Kantō area.

11. Some industries, such as shipbuilding, clearly profited from the war.

12. They allege that Maksim Bakiyev profited from the fuel - supply contracts for the base.

13. They also profited from an extensive papyrus trade with Egypt and the Greek world.

14. American business profited greatly from an inexhaustible supply of unskilled and semiskilled workers.

15. A tiny, educated elite profited from the misery of their two million fellow countrymen.

16. Besides her own literary attainments, Welty has profited from the Southern customs of storytelling.

17. But pupils of the more pertinacious sort profited greatly from his teaching and his company.

18. Several local gastalds and counts, like that of Capua, profited from the chaotic situation and declared independence.

19. First, since the war BiH has profited from massive, but abnormal and now declining, injections of foreign assistance.

20. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

21. There is no suggestion that people directly involved with Kingfisher profited from knowing that a bid was imminent.

22. Bond trading has been particularly strong for the banks, which have profited from Fed interest-rate policies.

23. In 1066, he expelled from the Crown Council Adalbert of Hamburg, who had profited from his position for personal enrichment.

24. In Das Kapital he asserted that workers were exploited by capitalists who profited from the added value of their labour.

25. This combination features with both the high efficiency of structured light method and the elimination of cumulative errors profited from photogrammetry.

26. Prices rose too quickly; many residents were forced out of their homes; and senior officials profited from under-the-table deals with developers.

27. Being in control of highly important commercial centers, his principality profited from taxing the major trading routes running through southwestern Caucasus and eastern Anatolia.

28. “Therefore, forsake the world, and save your souls; for what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

29. 13 Creasy: What I do best: I'm gonna kill 'em. Anyone who was involved, anyone who profited from it, anyone who opens their eyes at me.

30. Among 0%, 5%, 5% and 10% groups, 5% FBS had profit on spermatogonial cells to grow and form more cell colonies, and profited to keep their undifferentiation state.

31. ‘Every day he grew worse, and the medicines profited him nothing, though of a strange character; for he vehemently hoped to recover by the human blood which he took and swallowed from certain children.’”

32. This has cut about 300 million tons of US emissions – more than all the world’s solar and wind power combined – and at the same time has profited Americans by saving them $100 billion in energy costs.

33. The Act further provides for the designation of individuals determined to be responsible for Magnitsky’s detention, abuse, and death, those who profited from Magnitsky’s detention, abuse, and death, and those who helped cover up the legal liability for it.